Has anyone seen NIke+ sensor  for sale on thier own,not with ipod.


  • i need a new one too (must remember to turn it off each time no matter what the manaul says).  Apple store sell them for 14 quid - cant see it on the sweatshop website other than part of the 20 quid pack.

     apple nike+ sensor

  • How can you turn them off?
  • I've had mine a 6 months and never turned it off, I don't have it on the shoes if not using it though. I don't have nike shoes so its on the outside with an istrap if that makes a difference
    (theres a tiny button on the back)
  • I used my Nike+ for the first time properly yesterday, I haven't linked it up to my computer yet, will it still be giving me an accurate reading?? Am still a newbie and didn't think I had run as far as it said I had!

  • Yorkie: push the little button on the back of the sensor and hold for 3 seconds.

    To wake up: push the button (not for 3 seconds, just a quick push)
  • high hopes - I'm fairly new at all this too, but when I first used my Nike+ and configured it with my iPod, I did it on a running track so I knew that 400m was 400m, etc. However, I do occasionally get slightly higher/lower readings, depending on if I've walked during the run. Hope that helps a bit!
  • You deffinatly need to calibrate it i did mine on the treadmil as it was under by about 1/4 of a mile to start with, it's still not perfect can be over or under by about 100m in every mile. You can keep re doing the calibration if you don't think it accurate as many times as you likeimage
  • I've found if you calibrate it with *both* walking and running regularly, it is fairly accurate. Use a track or hop on a treadmill once in a while to check it. My wife just gave me an Amp+ remote watch for my birthday -now I can stuff the *locked* iPod in the little pocket on the back of my shorts and still control everything from my wrist - brilliant! 

    The other thing is, if flying with your Nike+ shoes in your carry on, turn off the sensor before you go thru security as they tend to freak (especially in the US) when they detect the transmitter image

  •    HI got my new sensor this morning cant wait to use it,got it from apple store,as Nike+ wont have any for sale untill april.image

  • LRK - can I enquire where you got your amp+ from? I can only find it on the UA apple website and it looks like one nifty little toy....thanks.
  • on the Nike Store here
  • How do you attach the sensor if you use it without Nike + shoes?
  •  You can make a little cloth bag to tie into your shoe laces.  Even a small plastic bag will do, as long as it's securely tied in. 

    Also, I believe Nike was going to manufacture a little bag to tie into shoe laces - not sure if it has been released though.

  • do them, or I got a sports armband for my nano and it came with a holder for the pod too. Off amazon.
  • Thank you - it is ordered and on its way!

     I've got an arm strap thing for my inhaler - I might shove it in there as well. 

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