New run discovered!

Hi all,

Now that I know that you're all completely barking, given what's being said in the threads lately, I figured that it might be safe to go back to running. Only for a while mind you.

Anyway, after passing my driving test, and trying to chill out by going food shopping, I knew that the only cure was to go for a run. Good old reliable running, always there for you when you're stressed! So I got out my OS map, plotted a new, mostly off-road route, and went for it. Turned out to take me 30 minutes, along canals and rivers, through fields with cows and horses. Sadly, got heckled twice, once in a nasty sexual manner by a passing bloke on his bicycle, the second time by a little girl in a car - 'keep going, keep going!'

So of course, the main question is, I got the registration number of the car- do I stalk the owner and chastise him/her for raising such a little brat?



  • Nail his sorry arse.
  • No, Hildegard. You might get hurt. Haven't you got any big mates with their own baseball bats who owe you a favour? Or, if you see him again, kick his bicycle wheel canalwards as he passes you. As far as the brat goes, I'd write that off to the decline in modern society.

    Congratulations on passing your driving test. Now beware the temptation to park right by the supermarket to do your shopping, load up the car, and drive the few yards across the car park to put your empties in the recycling bins. I caught myself on the verge of doing that once.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Vrap
    I thought Hildy meant the father of the heckling brat.
    The last thing we need is kids trying to encourage us. I say Hangings too good for him.
    Nail his sorry ass.
  • V-rap - don't worry, I don't own a car, nor do I have plans to get one.

    Barkles - you sound very certain. Do you have experience with this sort of thing? Do too many wise-arse children live on your street? (Perhaps even in your house?) If so, how can I find out the owner of a car from the registration?

  • I think we are all getting to sensitive. If a young child shouted "Keep going, keep going" I would take it as they were trying to encourage me and just smile and wave back at them.

    As for the sexual comments from the bike, a few nails or a stick to put through his spokes.
  • I'd go along with SB , surely this sweet, kind hearted little individual was just offering and for the girl in the car ....( poor attempt at humour )
  • OK OK I'm a little touchy at the moment.
    Accept the child is innocent, relatively.
  • At the risk of repeating myself here is the best heckling story I ever heard...

    The story goes something like this. Sorry if this is your story and I get some of the detail wrong, but....

    Picture runner out for evening run and 3 girls come past in a car with windows down, all dressed up and with more war paint on than Big Chief Fighting Bull. The first attack is launched from the females to our defenseless running hero.

    However, 100m further up the street there is a set of traffic lights and the same car with the same 3 girls is forced to stop. The girls launch salvo 2 as our hero goes running past.

    When the lights eventually turn and the girls approach for the 3rd attack on the runner, he remembers that he has an unused bottle of a very well known sticky sports drink. The car slows, windows open, the mouths open to let forth a third round of insults, and our running friend fires with same stick sports drink and hits all 3.

    Who are left sitting in car with war paint running down their cheeks and their frocks all sticky!!!!

    Who was this hero... Identify yourself.
  • I'm with Barkles on this one. All hecklers should be punished, even if they mean well. Whilst we're at it they should be punished for even having the audacity to look at you. There's too much namby pamby forgiveness in this world, punish them all, even for thinking about looking at you. And as for the swine who drove through a puddle next to me whilst I was out running this morning....
  • I sympathise after the two insulting remarks I had the other day. It really ruins your day.

    Ignore the child but keep an eye out for this bloke on the bike. I would report that to the Police, he may be known to them.

    Ever thought of swearing at them in latin!
  • Who needs Latin ??
  • I once swore at this bloke in German. But I need something that they can understand, and feel humiliated by. Or, I need my boyfriend to take up running asap. (He's a 6'3'' bloke, whose dad was Balkan champion in the discus in his day - so you get the picture. Menacing!)
  • OK Guys,
    Confession time. Preparing for FLM, I did some long runs in the Forest of Dean area.
    One particularly cold day, 15 miles gone, freezing rain- couldn't feel anything below the waist( and you know how us guys like to fondle!) I am running through an insignificant village. Bursting for a pee.
    A large four wheel drive driven by a tiny old-ish guy swerves across the road to ensure he got me with a huge puddle - 4ins deep plus.
    Soaked and desperate for a toilet stop I watch as the vehicle turns into a drive in the middle of nowhere. As I reach said drive my buddy alights from car.
    I relieved myself in the middle of his gateway, waved happily and trotted on my sodden way.No word from him tho'.
    Not proud of it, but he deserved it.
  • You should be proud, I would have been! Most heckling doesn't upset me, it breaks up the monotony of running, but then I have never had anything really offensive said, apart from maybe the time when I was walking up a steep hill and a guy walking his dog told me I should be running, Fair enough but I was three weeks overdue and thought I'd earnt a breather.
  • Barkles,

    I'm not surprised he didn't want to shake your hand
  • I didn't want to shake my hand!
  • Can we assume this was a "number one ?"
  • Yes I wasn't carrying paper.
  • Another thread going down the pan. Sorry H
  • If you girlies want a good sharp putdown reply to a heckler, then 'shove your ******* **** down yur ****, you ******* dickhead' takes some beating!
  • Apologies Hildy.
  • I have lost count of the number of times the kids round our way tell me to get my 'knees up' - I had been wolf whistled at twice this week - trouble is, do these lads know I am old enough to be their mother!!

    It is when the younger ones (about 8-10years) start running with me - they can't keep up


  • Barkles - you dealt with that guy like a real man. Congratulations.

    Snoop - might you have a less severe warm up reply to suggest? Perhaps one with less ************* in it? I guess the question I need to ask is - what sort of insult hurts a man the most - and how can I fit it into this particular situation?
  • Size and potency. Points of concern to many amles.
    But not me.
  • amles is old english for blokes
  • really, I thought it was ceorl (pron. chay-orl), like the modern day churl.

    So, give me some quips to try!
  • Oh bugger it, say go aqway
  • OK Hildy Try these:-

    Doctor Pepper - whats the worst that can happen?

    See the tree how big it's grown.

    Name the shoes after Jon

    These should be interesting
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