New York Marathon.... is there a thread?!

Is there already an 'official' NY marathon thread out there?? If so, I can't find it! Can someone point me in the right direction....

 ....or join me here and lets start one!


  • There is one somewhere, someone wanted to know when ballot places open which is 25 feb

    I will enter the ballot, I am not willing to pay exorbitant charity pledges, if i dont get in this year I intend to put in some real training after this summers tri season and target a qualifying time of 1hr 30 for a half which should be achievable, i will go below 1hr40 this year while undertaking tri training, with specific run focus and loss of a stone i will be able to get to 1hr 30 within next 15 months. 

  • Thanks JP! I figured there must be another thread out there somwehere.

     I'm a 1:44 half runner - so can't quite see myself making the 1.37 mark - this year.... but maybe in time?

     Think I'm probably going to travel out with 2:09 events. Not sure I want to wait until ballot results to find out if I am in or not!

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