Belvoir half

I have half an idea that Holly might have done it.  Sat midday start so no 'up the crack of sparrows fart' and (allegedly) a hogroast in the evening.

Yes, I know bala will have more pirates there, but its also a week before Windsor. 



  • FF - it says July - Bala and Windsor are in June!!
  • blimey its the lesser spotted ferret !!

    I think The Morons and JD did this last year ...   or was it just Holly and Vix?    anyway .. I give up

  • It's pretty flat on quiet country roads - fairly small low key event but well organised.   Nice enough race and possible pb course.
  • <waves at Meldy and FB>

    FB- pehaps I could have been clearer.  I am already signed up for Windsor and feel doing Bala the week before might compromise my time. 

  • good heavens Ferret have you become a secret Tripe Talker?
  • Don't think I am yet ready to turn blue, but I would like to be a little bit quicker there than last year (about 63 seconds preferably)- that will be enough to drop me from a 3:xx to a 2:xx

  • I assume that the 2:xx is for windsor and not Belvoir half, doubt it would be possible to go much faster than 2:xx for a half image
  • Belvoir is also known as the Hose (village) half.

    It is not a totally flat course.

    There are 3 noticable uphills, including one as you near the finish.

    But it is a PB course.

  • David I think he means 1/2 as in 1/2 IM ... but is it the same course?
  • I have no idea M.eldy.

  • Don't think so Meldy - Hose is nowhere near the Castle.

    Might be doing this one FF - Holly said there were some issues last year, partly caused by the weather meaning that they had to move transition I think.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.

  • as in Ferret is talking IM and I wondered if David was too!
  • it looks like Big David was on about half marathon not half ironman, i certainly understood the original thread to be HIM
  • yeah, holly, sweetie and vix did it last year.  oxy started it but wimped out after we persuaded him to call it a day.  it didn't take much persuading really.

    quiet race.  the swim is just a mud bath.  bike course looked nice enough.  one steep hill done three times i think.  run is a 4 lap affair and has a steep section.

    i didn't actually do the race.  i just ate and shouted "go go go" occassionally.

    oh, T1 was about half a mile! 

  • Yes, I did indeed tackle the beaver last year. Vix and I did the half, and sweetie did the olympic.

    PB course?  Not so sure about that.  There are some hills on the bike, it was confusingly signposted as there were conflicting signs for the olympic and the half on the bike course.   The run is up and down to the castle a few times so it's not what you'd call a flat run.

  • I meant the HM too - didn't realise they did a half IM. 
  • Oh, yes.  Thank you for reminding me JD.  The water was the blackest water I have ever swum in.  Quite bizarre experience sticking your head in, closing and opening your eyes and seeing exactly the same thing.  I'm not one for swimming with my eyes closed and it was quite strange.

    And because of flooding, they did have transition a LONG way from the end of the swim over a field full of rabbit poo and occassional spikey bits that hurt my feet.*

    *yes, I am a wuss

  • Thanks for all the feedback - think it might go on the shopping list for this year.
  • I think it will be my aternative to bala as well
  • The run up to the castle was a killer.

    It's well supported for such a small race and very friendly. There is a point on the run that you pass three times per lap so you get loads of cheering. I'm sure that they will sort out the transition for next year and I'd definitely do it again if I wasn't so lazy.

    the best bit was that the amazing burger van was there (And that's a vegetarian saying that image).

  • MMmmm the burgers were delicious, I had 3 image
  • Would you recommend it for a first timer? (Not the burger van obviously image
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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