Sunday Plod

I feel as though I am tapering Like all you FLMers!! Perhaps it's a supportive 'thing'! Just had a gentle 10 mile bike ride today, then gardening this afternoon. Have a good afternoon everyone.


  • Thanks Bodjit! Did my scheduled 10miler this morning, setting off at 9.45, as I will be a week from today. Good run too - took care not to push myself, telling myself that 10 miles is less than half way so mustn't peak too soon. So finished an hour and 40 mins later feeling fine and confident that I can carry on next week, although I think I will start even more slowly just to keep the pace even all the way round.
    Feeling a touch sore but nothing unusual for the mileage. But will definitely be in pain after 26.2miles!
    Gentle runs and rest days from now on in!
    Have a good run today everyone else!
  • i finally left the security of the gym and treadmill and took to the pavements, was a real plod but chuffed with the 5.5 miles i managed from home to town and back - didn't really realise how far a mile is until i got back and measured my distances, anyway hope everyone enjoying their plods or their rest
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Well I haven't got anything to report really, I went for a plod in the sunshine yesterday, very nice, but haven't done anything today. Small walk to pub, but that doesn't really count does it. Think I must be tapering too. Hope you've all had a nice day, its a bit dull here weather wise, shame its not like yesterday.
  • Hangover from very convivial night with old friends put paid to plans for a long run today, but managed an easy 6-miler which felt much more comfortable than I deserved, in the circumstances.

  • 7 mile road race. first 3+ miles up a bl**dy big hill, got overtaken by two V70s at the top then couldn't catch the bu@@ers on the downhill! Averaged 11 min miles and came last. But I don't care.
  • Helen, well done on your road race, someone had to come last, & it's usually me!! 11 min mile averages!
  • Ta bodjit.
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