Sheffield Lord Mayors 10K

Anyone else entered this one?


  • im in got number yesterday
  • why is it on the same day as Sports Relief?
  • I got my number and instructions today. I live quite near the stadium but can't work out where the course goes, there's no map and the instructions just say 'the best available and be 3 laps of about 2 miles', whatever that means??? Presumably it's flat?? I ran at Huddersfield last week and the course was described as undulating!! Possibly they meant undulating like the Himalayas as it all seemed rather hilly to me - all jolly good fun though and the run to the finish was great - but I'm rather hoping that Sheffied isn't as undulating. I'm knew to all this carry on as you can probably imagine! Any thoughts on where the course goes???? (I'm 243 by the way - wave as you pass me)
  • Last time I did it, it was three laps around the Don Valley Bowl and the stadium which I found a bit boring as it gets congested althougth gently undulating would be a fair description. To describe Huddersfield as undulating surely has got to be the organiser's idea of a joke...image
  • I'll be there tommorrow. Entering on the day.
  • I'm number 112 so see you there
  • not a bad race - 3 laps

    bit hilly but quite a quick course

    45mins not a bad time for me too

  • Did it in 49:42 by my watch.
  • What's the website address for the results?
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