water or isotonic?

I know theres lots of info on fuelling and drinking etc, but i thought I'd ask all the runners out there what they think, as I'm still a bit confused as what to do. firstly if I took on board all the mag advice i'd need to carry , energy gels, sweets, water, isotonic, carb drinks and water! how do i carry that lot on a long run? its hard enought as it is! i usually run with a 'platypus' on longer runs (ie over 2 hours) is it best to put a mixed drink of carbs and isotonic, and if i drink this do i need to drink plain water aswell? I tend to start geting tired at 2 1/2 hour mark then start slowing down and struggling, will the gels help then? only thing is I think they taste disgusting! I cant eat and run, tried it nearly choked! so what works for you lot? pass on your tips!


  • For a longer run I'd go with water and energy gels.

    If its hot then I'd take a nuun tablet and dissolve that in the water.
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    I use orange juice and water 50:50, which is isotonic and the taste is fine. It's also dead cheap. Add a pinch of salt in the summer.
  • It depends on what your aiming for. I assume you are marathon training. if you can plan your long runs with various water/drink /food stops. Either a long route that calls past home on several occasions so that you can get fresh supplies every 30 mins or so.

    for my last marathon training i would normally take a couple of quid out and stop every hour and buy a lucozade sport drink or take a gel and buy a bottle of water, saves carrying any bottles etc.

    It is best to train with whatever drink or gel will be supplied on the course. If doing FLM then it will be lucozade, get used to it before the race.

    The gels will not help instantly and you should already have enough glycogen stores to do 1hr 30 or so of exercise, as you are depleting that it needs to be replaced, you should either train your body to go further by bunring your fat stores (but this takes time to train) or start feeding effectively from about 45 mins into the race, the gel will then be active before your glycogen stores are depleted.

    if you dont like gels then jelly babies etc have similar qualities BUT you will need a few of them for the same value. they can be eaten one every 5 mins or so. 

  • So if i start refuelling within the first hour and continue throughout race, that should help. if i use the gels (i'll try a few out, there may be one that i like!) do i just drink water? or will i still need isotonic as well or instead of water?

    i  like the idea of diluting orange juice with water, is this the same electolytes balance as isotonic drinks tho?

    one more question, how can i train my body to go futher by burning fat stores? i'm not in london marathon (unfortunately) i'm in edinburgh end of may, i may have time to train on fat burning before event?

  • Home made flap jacks, or malt loaf image yummy!

    Milky ways.

    Dried fruit.

    Condensed milk in a tube - yuuuummm yum!

  • Hi everyone...

    I would definately say isotonic ... tis my drink of choice.

    I like the sound of Home made flap jakcs Nick! I'm in prep for my first ever marathon (FLM) and this is an area i am struggling with too. I am completely with you on the carbo gel front mishmash! - I had it once and gagged like mad on it - never again!

    I am a newbie runner so completely open to suggestion - i tried jelly babies... ok, i tried to try jelly babies. i did 16 miles yesterday and bought a bag on saturday for it. only prob being by 10pm on sat night i had eaten all of them (no self control!) So I did my 16 on only lucosade - i already had an entire bag of jelly babies in my system!

     JP - you say London is lucosade? i was told it was water... any ideas? do they have lucosade for us normal folks? That would be wonderful...

  • water every mile and lucozade every five i think ? Something like that anyway in london.
  • I think it was lucozade at 5 miles then every 3 miles after that, it will say in the marathon new that you got with your acceptance and also the one due to come through soon.
  • So if i'm going for a long run, I'd need to take water and lucozade.  Or just take a couple of quid out and just buy a bottle of lucozade sport and that would be enough.
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