Restarting training after illness


I posted a week or so ago, having been ill for a while and therefore off my schedule.

it turns out I had a chest infection and am now just about to finish a course of antibiotics and feeling like I am up to starting running again.

BUT.... it has been 3.5 weeks since I last ran, and I have no doubt lost some fitness and strength - any tips?  Not just on running, but cross-training and diet?

Much obliged,

Hegs x


  • Hi Hegs,

    Can't give any constructive advice unfortunately, but I'm watching with interest for any usefull replies.

    I would think you are correct though in assuming a loss of some fitness and probably best to ease back into things, but would be good to hear what others think, i.e. how much extra oes a cold etc take out of you?

    Hope you get some valid responses that help out.

  • I'm replying partly to bump this back up the list - someone must have some useful advice! How was your training going before you got ill? What was your longest run so far? Are you bothered about time or do you just want to get round?
  • I started training for FLM in September and was up to 17.5 miles when I developed an injury.  I was off running for 5 weeks and have just started back with less than 7 weeks to go until the event.  My confidence has taken a bit of a battering as all was going so well.  I did however cycle lots to keep up my fitness but am unsure what I should be doing for the next 6 weeks bearing in mind I need to taper 2 weeks before (ideally 3).  I would think that after 3.5 weeks of being ill that it won't take you long to catch up, especially if you had got up to a reasonable distance beforehand.
  • Hi Catherine, don't let injury shake your confidence, it is sooooo common at this kind of milage. I did 15 and a half miles on Sunday and my hip is killing me, think I'm going to have to have another break, which is very annoying... But hey, I'll get round one way or another. 17.5 miles already is amazing. Good luck!

  • Thanks folks, for keeping this on page 1.

    I was up to about 13 miles long run before i got ill and am planning on working back up to that over the next couple of weeks and then just trying to fit in one 15/16 miler before the big day.

    I was desperate to break the 5hr mark in this marathon (having done it twice before at 5:20 and 5:15), but I think I will settle for jsut completing the course now!

    Good luck everyone, especially those who have had illness or injury like me - its so frustrating!

    Hegs x

  • Hegs,,,, Try posting on "the Bench" thread they are sooooooooooo  helpful..
  • Part two.... you will find them under the Injury section...
  • thanks Gatton, I'll try that.

    I managed my first run this morning - yay!  30 minutes at 5.45am, apart from the obviously horribly early start it was OK and I feel better for having got out and started again.

    Good luck to everyone else getting back from illness and injury

    Hegs x

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