Llanelli Tri 2008

Who's in?  image

Apologies if there's already a thread, but I couldn't find one and I thought the date has only just been confirmed?

race details



  • Hmmm will think about that one.  Its the same day as a canix race I want to do in Cheltenham though so will have to give it some thought  (As slow as I am we have a chance of a prize in Cheltenham!)
  • LOL...  will doggie be donning a pirate buff for the race? image
  • Could be done I guess!

  • Go on... nice warm up for Bala...
  • Thinking.........
  • Hmmmmm... thinking too... doing tewkesbury half the weekend before and an important fell race in the SWales hill series the week after, so may not be able to get the day off... but if I can, I am in, provided I don't need to wear a wetsuit as I don't have one...
  • Yeh I am in

    Although I need a bike first

    And a wetsuit probably because it's Wales  image

  • Han I think you will need a wetsuit as the water isnt likely to be that warm in May!

  • I don't need to wear a wetsuit as I don't have one...

    You need a wetsuit. However 2 chaps wet sans wetsuit last year. Apparently it was COLD. I had my wettie on and it was nice.

  • <Numpty Question Alert>

    Guessing that one wetsuit works for all?  Like, it's not like diving wetties where they are different thickness?  If I buy one for Llanelli, I can use it for Bala et al? 

  • Yes Plodding On, once you have one you can use it where ever.  Will be fine for both of those.

    You can hire them for a season too if you arent sure

  • I thought it was a couple extra to hire as opposed to buy?

    Pity we can't hire bikes though  image

  • Nope you can get one for a season for around £50 I think with an option to buy at the end of the season.  Be worth looking round for deals.  Or you can get an ex-hire one from last season quite cheaply too

  • oooh ok.  where do i look?
  • Tri-UK hire them out.
  • That was where I was going to suggest and they also sell off ex-hire ones too if you are quick


  • With the option to buy at the end?
  • They hire out bikes and then you can buy them...

    Are the bikes any good? 

  • Ok maybe not buy - but to hire for £100
  • Actually dont' worry - they take the full amount off your credit card anyway.

    May as well buy it 

  • True.  You can always sell it on if you dont like it!

    What about the londontriathlon website.  I  know they do hire them on there too.  Not sure what the terms are

  • London got to be returned for beginning of septemeber where tri uk it is end of september. Bit of a b*gger if you do a race towards that end of the year. IE offroad OW tris.
  • Ive got an F3 size Foor wetsuit if anyone wnts one. I got it secondhand so dont want millions for it
  • I think I should buy the ex hired ones.  That way, I feel compelled to keep using them

    The wetties are pretty cheap - just worried because I need to try them on before I buy them.  Also would need to get advice on a bike before buying it.  Again, on the triuk site, you can buy the ex hire bikes. 

    Would it be good to start off like that?

  • Start which ever way you can PO.  But always get what you can afford because if you find you like it it might have been a false economy if you need to upgrade in a year.

    Triuk are very helpful so if there is anything you aren't sure of give them a ring

  • Blobfish - any chance of you holding onto that until I see what size I am?

    Sorry to be a complete numpty - but how do I find out sizes and stuff?  Guessing I actually have to take a day off, find a tri shop, pester them a lot, find my size then leg it?  Same with the bikes? 

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