please help me with my pace

Hello everyone

I have been running for a couple of years starting with 10k and moving on to halfs and then last year my first marathons. My training went well and i set a new pb of 1.45 for a half before london. All looked well for sub 4 but the heat killed me so finished in 4.36 I tried twice more before the end of the year and got down to 4.17 but without following a proper prog (which I had for london) This year Im running stratford and  following the FIRST prog. Training is going well on my intervals and tempo runs. Last week I ran a 10k friday in sub 50 and a 1.48 half on the sunday both by myself, so in therory a sub 4 is on.

BUT my pace on long runs is my problem. If I run at the pace recomended I spend the first half of the run slowing myself down and it does not feel natural. if I run at race pace it feels much better but then at around 16-18 miles (doing 5 20 milers) I hit the wall which then messes with my head.

Any advise would be fantastic. Stratford is now 9 weeks away and sub 4 is still my traget

Thanks in advance


  • Maybe you should look at the reason why you are hitting the wall? What is your hydration and nutrition strategy for long runs etc?
  • Running slowly is a skill you need to learn. Running long is hard in itself(hence wall hitting), so holding yourself back is a way to protect yourself. If youa re constantly hitting the wall, you are constantly breaking your body down, by the time you get to race day you will be exhausted and you won't hit your target of sub 4.

    Run slowly, even if it feels unnatural. If you really want to go sub 4, then holding yourself back on a long run seems a small price to pay.

    I have written schedules for clients who started at 4.45 and are now aiming for I know it works!
  • I've run a 10 miler this morning.... and 8'16" miles felt bloody slow at the start... but by the end the pain i was experiencing told me it was a good thing i'd not tried to push harder earlier!
  • Thanks all

    Will try 9.15 a mile on mondays 20 miler and see how that goes. Will also use race gels every 3 miles as that is what I usualy do on race day

  • fuelling every 30 mins or there abouts is probably pretty sensible
  • Big improvement. 6 gels is a lot for a training run but felt so much better. 20 miles in 3.02 and feel great this afternoon plus o my god a negative split just but it all countsimage
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