what a nice site to come home to.


  • arrived home at 06.30 this morning from work to find my garrage door graffiti spray painted . i would like to do something awful to the brainless creep who done this , theres been a few incidents like this recently, the problem is out the back of my house were some old peoples council bungalows and flats but now they have started giving these places to problem familys and people with all sorts of problems.the majority of people ive met over there are nice people but there is a strong element of trash....aaaahhhh   thank you for listening to my moan,,,
  • Its not a moan - they are twonks and you are quite right to moan. Graffiti in an area is never a good thing - despite all the London/New York trendies droning on about the art of the street and all that
  • Nog, sounds like you have had an attack of the chavs.  Perhaps you need a copy of the Little Book of Chav Speak by Lee Bok to understand them better.  Page 118 says:

    Despite the temptation it's best not to run over a chav on a bike when you are driving.  Why?  It's probably your bike he is riding.  image

  • i would like to spray thryre shell suits with poo poo. it happens every day all over the country now the police are at there wits ends as to what to do ,, how do you deal with young kids who cant even talk english any more and they like to be known as crap ... but look at the role models apart from mummy and daddy,,, its not good , twice this has happened in the last month my neighbour had his car written all over the other night  and the police say i live in a low crime area..... chavs..
  • Nog, much as I think Banksy has talent.  And he is the only graffiti artist I think has tbh... I think if I was going through your experiences where you live, I'd get really fed up too.  Don't know what I'd do really, get a big dog?  Move?  Not sure...
  • NOG did it look like this

  • turns away in disgust...... no it just looked like chav scribble like something tony blair or prescot would do , image
  • Oh more like this

  • gets fresh box of cartridges from cupboard 
  • It's funny they know your fourm nameimage
  • i think its m. eldy  i made a remark about belgium shepard dogs deing poofy and i think she was annoyed and she only lives down the road from me ,,,, so i guess it was my own fault....
  • You called M.eldy a dog ???????????????????

    My you are brave image
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