Ty Hafan Barry Waterfront 5K

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  • errmmm image
  • I'm up for it. I've definitely got the 5k running bug now since the St Davids 5k this morning. It was only my second 5k and I did it in 29mins 30secs (although I hear it wasn't quite 5k but never mind!)

     So by May I reckon I'll be down so 25 minutes! That's my target anyway!


  • Well done Jen image

    You gonna shave 4 mins off your 5k time in 2 months???  You realise there is a whacking great big hill in this one??  Just thought I mention... image

  • There is a 5K in April too

    And a 5-mile in Barry at the end of April

    Not that I have been looking.....

  • details hun... image
  • Well 5Ks every Saturday at CBTT

    6th April 5K Bute Park http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=2&EN=42870
    27th April 5-miles Barry http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=2&EN=41758

    No 10K in Cardiff in the near future though - Bath/Bristol/Somerset in May and Llanelli in June; Great Wales run (10K) Cardiff end of July

  • Ive just read back - what the hell were you doing up at 4am??

    You's nearly as bad as PH image

  • LOL Barking... I was worried about swimming at 9am... I know its crazy!!
  • Jennifer there is thread called sub-25 and beyond - 5k training for mortals which you might want to look at.

    Also the thread on the free weekly 5k time trials in Bute Park on Saturday mornings.

    To drop from running a 10m/m to an 8m/m in 8 weeks is not impossible but an extremely ambitious target and I wish you well. image

  • Not really that silly Nam

    I was awake at 6 on Sunday - and I hadnt even decided to do it then image

    Heaven help me if I ever do another one
    (cos of course I have no intentions, obviously, that is why I have been listing others and my new tutor thinks I wm some kind of half wit because I have been walking around beaming all day still image )

  • you've got the bug now image
  • I cant do one of anything

    Can you put up with me again, tho?

  • I'm in for this one.  Did it last year in the pouring rain! The 3K hill is almost on my doorstep!!!
  • This hill is starting to worry me now!
    Maybe I should rethink things

    Anyone else doing the Cardiff Sport Relief next week, or the 6th April 5K in Bute Park?

  • I'm doing the Sport Relief Mile x 3 next week! Don't worry about the hill, you just have too take it slow and steady. I'm thinking of starting some training runs round the course. Was thinking some of us from the forum could get together and do it once a week or so?
  • I'd be up for that image  Just finding things had to fit in now with scheduled swims etc...  image
  • Sounds good - although you will all leave me behind image

    Pulled up the SPort Relief website this afternoon, then couldn't decide if 1mile or 3miles, then wimped out.......

    Which start time are you KJ

  • Barking... if you don't mind I keep you company as we're a pretty compatible pace and neither of us mind doing the very occasional 30sec walk break if needed.  image  Let me know if you fancy a plod one night... some gentle 11m/m chugging... image

    You coming to plod tomorrow or won't you get back in time from placement?

  • To drop from running a 10m/m to an 8m/m in 8 weeks is not impossible but an extremely ambitious target and I wish you well. image


  • What do you think PQ?  Realistic?  I know you've got really fast quite soon from training with Daz.  What's your opinion? image
  • You are welcome to keep me company any time

    I liked running with someone else, and I am having a bit of a CBA about life and struggling a bit atm, so it would probably do me good if you don't mind image

    SLOW chugging, definately image  All these people doing HM in 2hrs and maras in sub-5 are scaring me (no names.......)

    Hopefully will escape tommorrow - I have a physio appt in the afternoon so hope they will let me go early to go to that, which should mean I can escape to get to Cardiff as long as they aren't running too late.  Will try and remember to throw some stuff in the car.  Where is it?

  • Top of the lake at Roath Park where the little road cuts through.  Text me if you're running a little late cos Rio won't mind wait 5 mins or so. image
  • Nam - I'd say virtually impossible in such a short space of time. Certainly sub 25 is within reach of anyone but it would take a lot longer than that.

    I've gone from 24:26 to 23:09 in about 7/8 weeks but I beast myself to within an inch of my life every week doing speed reps to see those improvements and it hurts ! image

  • You have mail image
  • Thanks, never knew you cared barking image
  • I know PQ it's pretty much what I was thinking....  I think from 10m/m to shave off 2 minutes full stop off your 5k race time in 2 months is good going, never mind 2 minutes off each mile...  I know how hard you've trained and you've made fantastic progress but it's taken you longer than 8 weeks too... 

    Dunno I guess if you're really athletic, mechanically super efficient and you could get 30+ miles a week in it could be done but it would be quite a target... 

  • I will be very happy if I can be sub-30 by then

    In fact I will be happy if I 1-get round and 2-manage to reduce the walk breaks, maybe 2 would be great, esp with hills

    Hell I still can't believe I am talking and planning like this

    *goes to find thermometer as convinced this isnt normal*

  • Hee Hee if you give me your addy I will email you too if you like PQ......image

    Sorry I am X-posting all over the shop tonight - my poor computer can't keep up with me

  • Dunno I guess if you're really athletic, mechanically super efficient and you could get 30+ miles a week in it could be done but it would be quite a target... 

    True but then the first attempt would have been faster than 29+ mins anyway wouldn't it?

    You should come along to the CBTT, it's a good event and even lil PQ is going to be running it one day soon as I'm training her up at the moment image

  • Yes but I can only just drag my sorry behind around in 11m/m at the moment so give me a couple of months to get anything resembling speed back and I MIGHT try...  image

    With the Ty hafan race I'd be exstatic if I got the same time as we did in St Davids, as it's not exactly flat... image

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