Dorney lake, Windsor 10K


any tips on the easiest way to get to this from Central London?


  • Train from Paddington down to either Burnham or Taplow would leave you with a mile or so walk.
  • NIce one , thanks
  • I'd think it's at least 2 miles from Taplow or 2.5 from Burnham to get to the lake entrance, and possibly a little more. Plus every event I've been to starts near the Boathouse, so that's another 1.5 miles or so on top to get to that end of the lake. Taplow Station is the closest, but the road is narrow with no footpaths. An alternative would be to go to Windsor & Eton Riverside from Waterloo then walk along the Thames Path to Dorney Lake. It's further (and a longer train ride), but much more pleasant and traffic free. Bring a bike perhaps.
  • cheers for this...i'm near Waterloo, so maybe this is my best option. It sounds like a picturesque setting (if a bit of a hassle to get to!)
  • HI,

    I have registered for this race back in December however dont think I have received any information about his run. Do we get numbers, maps etc? I'm sorry I'm very new to the world of running and dont really know what to expect!

     I hope you can help!


  • Shida - I haven't received anything either but am just going to chance it and turn up! There is a phone number 07969 533 124 for the course organiser if you want to double check.

     p.s. normally you do get something in the post, general info and a race number. I haven't been to this one before so not sure how it operates.


  • thanks catherine! I'm just going to shimmy along and hope for the best!!

     good luck !!


  • It does say somewhere that you pick up your race number on the day. If you are in then you'll appear on the list on F3's site.

     In November I entered on the day and walked straight to the front of the 'on the day entries' queue. Conversely, the queue for the pre-entered runners who were picking up their numbers was really long!!!

    And, for anyone questioning whether the route is 10k (5k) or not, I G-mapped the track around the lake and made 1 lap equal to 4.94k (so it's 60 metres short per lap). However, I can't quite remember if they pushed the finish line slightly 'back' to make up the distance if you know what I mean?!

    Check out the link: 

    URL for this route is:

  • Yes, I believe the finish is after the start, also they are at pains to point out that it is measured accurately, so  guess it must be. I was at the 10k in November, and it was quite a windy day. Also one side of the lake was colder than the other. I'm doing the asthma 10k on March 22nd here, seems far better vfm than the F3 events as you get a t-shirt and medal instead of a mars bar and can of red bull!
  • Well if you want someone to show you around the course - I'm your man...

    See you on Sunday, x

  • Let me clear up the question on whether it is accurate.

     I wrote to them and asked exactly this question. It is not officially measured by BARR or any indepentant body. They themsleves have measured it using GPS, so it is only officially 10k according to themselves.

     I am sure it will still be a good race, but don't rely on it being the exact length

    Ber careful about the phrase Officially 10k, it is not. But is it around 10k in length

  • HI there,

    Pics are now up and live on - just search by your race number.

    On a 35% discount for next two weeks.

    There is a link to the F3 events from there when they get the results up.

  • The Dorney Dash on Saturday June 7th is an officially measured 10k course.
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