Sudden knee problem!


6 weeks before the marathon and I develop a knee problem! Feel very frustrated, worried and annoyed.

Knees have been fine then I get a sudden sharp shooting pain in my right knee at the side. Seems to be hurt if I put my foot down and ground is uneven or when I go down the stairs. Had to give up at 13 miles on Saturday and planned to do 18.

Got a physio appointments on Weds anyway but it seems a long way off.

At the moment my glass is half empty.....



  • I have started to get this also. Been training for the Bath Half  and upped my miles from 6 to 8 and suddenly this problem started. I run for a good 2 miles and then my left knee starts to ache,  I will have to pull out  of the run. I also get  bad pain when I sit for any length of time, when I get up the knee appears to lock and the pain is agonising when I try to straighten it. Not sure what  to do? Do I rest it for a few days or go and see the Doctor?  
  • They reckon rest is the first step (no pun intended). Do you have healthcare? I've got mine through work and am having physio through it. Any problem I've ever had has been sorted with physio so I'm a big fan of getting things looked at ASAP.
  • Check out this website, but only as guidance as you might go through it and decide you have syptoms of everything!

     I have a pain at the moment which feels like it's under the knee cap which is more of an annoyance than sore, the syptoms you describe sound like this which is the same as what I found(i'm no dr) :

     Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
    (Anterior Knee Pain)

  • What a fab website!!! Thanks so much for this. Sometimes you just want reassurance that its not a major problem......
  • I do not have Healthcare but may see a physio. I will follow some guidance i.e.e rest and excercise to relief the pain and try running again in about 6 weeks. Keep us posted on your progress and best of luck. WS  
  • Would be good to know what diagnosis your physio gives and advice on getting it back to normal.

  • I'll def let you know what she says. May take a notebook!!

    WS - I think rest is def the first thing you could do. Have a look at that website that Simon suggested, it's great!!

  • I have this too, and am currently having physio for it. Apparently, it's Runners Knee. Lots of pulling my knee cap in different directions and accupuncture. I also needed to change my trainers, as a woman and an overpronator I am particularly susceptible to this. Great.

    P.s OW!
  • I changed my trainers fairly recently and don't think it can be that. I just want it sorted so I can get back to marathon training!!
  • SamLI checked the Web site and great himts and tips. I will have to pull out of the Bath Half and concentrate on getting ready for a local 10 miler in May and the British 10k in July.All the best and get better sharpish WS PS Good luck with Marathon and am sure you will get round.
  • fairly good website describing common injury problems.
  • Sam, I would bet my mortgage, my nephews and nieces and at least four major organs that you do NOT have what Simon and Fiendish have. Pain at the side (the outer side) of the knee (especially when increasing mileage) is almost always ilio-tibial band syndrome (ITBS) and not patellofemoral pain syndrome, which is kind-of behind the kneecap (but can have some common origins). Neither is trivial, and you'll need to pay close attention to what the physio says (well done for booking one, by the way), and don't be tempted to run til you get the OK.

    Also, new shoes can be a cause of injury, especially if they're not suited to your gait. But see what the expert says.
  • It's def not behind the kneecap. I like the fact you're willing to bet so heavily - it gives me confidence!!

    The curse of a runner (albeit not a fast one) is that any time spent away from training feels like the end of the world. I've done nothing but worry about it today but it's not going to help me.

    If the worst comes to the worst and I need to take time out then so be it. I'm determined to do the marathon. Unless the physio tells me 'no way'!!

    I've had my trainers since Jan - would they cause a prob this far in to the running?

  • hi sam

     Im in the same boat unfortunatly - i tried running tonight and it just wasn't happening.  The pain started when i did the 3 peaks 2 weeks ago, and i could walk ok but when i was going downhill or stepping downwords over rocks (like stairs) it was bad.  I rested all last week but still couldn't manage it tonight.  I also have new trainers but i have trained well and ran 2 races in them, howver it took me about 3 weeks to break them in.

     Sam - let me know how you get on as im feeling frustrated and just wanna go running!

  • Hi Phill,

    My knee feels a lot better today and I've only had a couple of twinges - I'm hoping thats a good sign!

    It's so frustrating not being able to run, I'm itching to get back to it. Was meant to go this morning before work but I decided yesterday that would just be stupid. Will email Thurs morn after the physio and let everyone know what she says.

    Maybe you should book an appointment. I had a bad foot about 2 years ago and didn't see anyone for a while. When I did go they sorted it after about 3 or 4 sessions. As you've rested it and it's still bad maybe it's time to see someone.

  • Lots of aches today.  Going downstairs is the worst. I did swim last night which does not affect the problem. I think I will see the doctor and get a physio appointment. I can also can feel lots of creeking and and strange movement at the side of the left knee so hope I have not aggrevated it too much.Sam, all the best with you recovery.
  • I really think you should do that even if it feels better still get that appointment!
  • Advice taken. I wll book up this afternoon. The strange thing with this problem is that it feels fine for a while but then it returns, 
  • Well my 2 weeks of rest and only walking the dogs seems to have paid off no pain last night whilst walking and going up and down the stairs isn't hurting at all today. Seems like progress. I might be able to have a light jog tonight and see what happens...
  • Glad to hear it!!

    Maybe you should leave it tonight and start afresh tomorrow....

    WS - Glad you're going to book up, you'll feel so much better once you've spoken to an expert about it. I think our bods give us warnings and pain that comes and goes could eventually stay so you may as well get it sorted. Let me know how it goes.

  • Will do. I am sure I had this trouble a year or so ago but not quite as intense so I think the problem has been there for a while and it has been severly aggrevated.
  • im getting worried now....still not right.
  • Phill - have you booked a physio appt?
  • Cancelled my Doctors appointment and have booked to see a physio tomorrow. £37.00 for an hour is that reasonable and £32.00 for sessions thereafter. 
  • That's very reasonable. I'm just outside of London and my local place is £45 for a consultation then £40 for each after.
  • Seems like I have a bargain. Just hope she knows her stuff or I will be wasting my time and money. Will report back tomorrow.
  • Don't be so cynical!!

    I went and saw mine yesterday. Got a telling off for not icing knee straight after. Now got to do ice and heat. She could feel there was some tightness in the knee and said there's a muscle that goes down the outer side of the leg and fans out under the kneecap (she put it much better than that) and I've aggravated it and caused some friction.

    She said the stop start run on Saturday will have caused it (one of the girls I was running with had to stop a lot as she wasn't well and ended up going home. Unfortunately she didn't know the route so I couldn't just carry on as I was the only one who knew where we were going). If I rest it and do the treatment she said it should be fine.

    Going to stay off the long run this weekend and wait til Tues. 

  • Going to the physio is one thing doing what they tell you is another !! I had physio on my hip some time ago and neglected much of the advice given to me. I will be sensible on this occasion. I swim twice a week so not all is lost.
  • SamL - i will try out what your physio said!!! shall i post you half the money if it works LOL!!!image
  • Let me know how it goes. Got to say it feels a zillion times better today. When she was prodding around it didn't hurt which is a good sign I guess.

     She said alternate between ice pack and heat pack say 5 mins on each. I have heard somewhere along the line that when your leg (or whatever you're icing) goes red its time to take the ice off. Not sure how true that is.

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