BUPA Great Edinburgh Run 2008

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  • My sister and I are thinking about doing the Great Edinburgh Run as our first race ever. The reviews of last years' races weren't too good though, and the fees are pretty steep. What do you think?
  • It's enjoyable running through such a beautiful city, even in bad weather (2 years back was very atmospheric going through grassmarket in misty rain).  However, there a few caveats.  Money/profit  seems to dominate with the organisers - last year the results service was very poor with no age or category splits given - at least the year before they Evening News gave first twenty in each age group but Great Run no longer publish the results there.  Secondly, Edinburgh is a hilly city and course is not one for a personal best - despite website going on about new route and not running up the Mound it's running up side of Arthur Seat that hits you and unlikely many can run this as fast as say Grangemouth 10k, which is flat course.  Last year there were no distance markers visible which was ludicrous - organisers story that high wind meant they couldn't put toblerone-shaped ones up was poor excuse - for a race with this no of entrants there should have been a back-up system (eg, simple markers on a lampost).  Wave start did work better in 2007 than the year before.  I'm running it again this year but would agree with view held by many that it's expensive and there are better 10ks around.
  • Thank you, R!

    I'm not worried about our times or results, as we have just taken up running and it would really be for fun and charity only. Hills are a bit more of a concern as they might prevent us from completing the course altogether, but having walked around that area a couple of times, at least I'd know what to expect. What would be important to us though is how easy it is for beginners to find their way round, how welcoming the atmosphere is, whether it's fine to be pretty slow etc.

    The main reason for us considering this race is that I'm likely to move to Edinburgh shortly beforehand, and it would be a welcome opportunity for little sis to come visit. image

  • You'll have no trouble finding your way around - huge no of entrants so just stay with the flow.  All age groups and standards are catered for so it's fine if you want to run slowly.  Wave starting means you should be running with people of a similar pace and not with people trying to speed round.  Race is friendly and welcoming, with good no of spectators, so atmosphere should be good.  Last year wind swirling down Arthur Seat hit hard but I wouldn't let this put you off - sure some people may have walked for a bit there.  Most people who run this race (including me) enjoy the experience, notwithstanding the few caveats mentioned above.
  • Thanks again!

    Sounds good - I think we should start saving for the fees then.

  • Hi clottedcream, I agree with RMcD, it does have some downsides and its the hardest 10K that I have run, 3 pretty tough hills!!! BUT having done it the last 2 years (rain and wind both times) I still love it and wouldn't want to miss it! The Great Runs are always a bit pricey, more like the cost of a marathon!!! But its Edinburgh and its a great city to run through. The Edinburgh half & marathon don't have anywhere near as good an atmosphere as this one does or the crowds!!!
  • Thanks to you, too, bungee!

    We have just registered, and are looking forward to our first race ever.  Just hoping the weather will be ok by then.

    Anyone else taking part?

    And does anyone know whether there are showers, too, so we don't have to get on the bus sweaty and stinky afterwards? 

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