Running & Depressive Illness


I was wondering if there are any folks out there who run and also suffer from depression? I do and have found running the most fantastic mood booster which is seriously helping my depression. I am also permanently medicated which has caused a lot of weight gain. (5 stone in 1 year) and am running so even if I am heavy at least I will be fit. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



  • There's a whole thread about it on Health an d Injury - "Running and Anti-Depressants" or something like that image
  • Thanks Bear will have a hunt for that one
  • Hi there,

     Just saw your thread and thought I'd say hi and you're not alone. I also have similar problems, although I do not take any medication, however, I do find that the only way I can stay sane is through running! I'm a bit of a pain to live with if I haven't been out for a few days!

     How long have you been running? How are you finding it?


  • Welcome to the forum Pixie Woo!

    I think that you would find that if most of those who run (or plod!) are a tad "irritable" if they havent been out for a few days
    It becomes your coping mechanism

  • It certainly helped me out when we lost a baby two weeks before his due date last November.
  • Pixie,

    Been running regularly since Christmas and noticing huge positive differences in mood and energy levels. I have to be REALLY strict with myself so that I don't wimp out when I don't feel like running. Hows it going for you?

  • Alright thanks. I've been running properly for about a year (I was just using the gym before), but sprained my ankle pretty badly last September so I've been building up my  fitness again which was pretty frustrating. I've now set myself a proper running schedule using one of the ones on this website - it means I'm less likely to make excuses not to get out! I have to remind myself that it does make a huge difference to me and it always leaves me feeling in control and a lot more 'normal'. I feel happier about myself when I get out and run. Without it I get really low and struggle with some of my old 'problems' so its also important for me to be strict with myself!

  • Just saw you thread, I'm on medication have been for years. started running after 20yr break five months ago on treadmill soooooooooooo boring when I could do 60mins on treadmill started to do 30min runs in street.Side effects from meds prevent me from pushing myself  I can end up on floor then have the hassle to be allowed to use gym or if outside people think I'm drunk. Does anyone else have side effects that affect ability to exercise and ways round problem? Not taking or changing meds is not an option: been there done that and more  

  • my meds cause drug induced weight gain but none of your symptoms. To be honest been on mine for so long I am not sure if they would affect my running.
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