Money-back offer

Your money back if you don't enjoy the race - but only if you claim it by mile 9 (there's a big hill at the end) [I am the co-organiser and webmaster for the race]


  • Bob - was this event not held last year cos of foot and mouth, or did I just miss it? I know a couple of people who did it two years ago, although they moaned about the hill for the whole of the next week! I'll probably give it a go - but am doing the Great North Run the week before so might so how well I recover from that first. I see from the race details link that I can enter on the day.
  • Arnie - Yes we were on last year but didn't start to organise it till late July so didn't get as much publicity out (I think we only got into the Events in RW two weeks before the race).
    Yes there is a hill at the end, but you'll cruise round the first 9 miles taking in the scenery so when you've a mile to go, the thought of the bottle of beer waiting at the end will get you up that hill.
    Yes, entries on the day, but suggest you arrive at least 45 minutes before the race - last year the queue was quite long ... but nobody missed the start. Hope to see you! Bob
  • Bob,how much of the race is off-road or is it mainly tarmac tracks?
  • Loz, sorry, I should have replied before. I've just been round again and had a good look - there are 3 sections of tarmac - half mile just after 4 mile mark, half mile just before 7 and one mile at the end (although the last 200yards are on a path and into a field). There is also 1 mile of very good path that goes round the edge of Eccup Reservoir. The rest is footpaths of mixed surfaces and good running. There are just two exceptions - 200 yards after the 6 mile mark and 400 yards at about 8½ miles for which I would say "take care" - you might need to both would be considered easy by fell runners! Hope to see you next Sunday!
  • Thanks Bob, I am a fell runner so should be ok, hope to get there on Sunday.
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