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Dear fellow runner

i have been thinking about things, i do not have very much time to my self - I race with Phillip at all available times at weekends and midweek when possible during summer

For nearly the last 20 years i have devoted everything, all my energy to my son Phillip, and for nearly the last 6 years have taken him on just about every race i've done - though there's no regrets

My wife's disability also can take up much time,

people ask me, " Mick, do you get any ME TIME ", i don't get much no, i'm almost 50, i feel good, but i need some time for myself

i get little if any real training in during the week - so, i have embarked on hopefully a new programme of RELAXING training and running, NO speed work involved really, just to jog, plod, feel the breeze, spread my wings etc - if it's heavy rain , that'll be nice and refreshing, if it's hot, that'll be stamina running,

i am very busy,so i will try hard to fit this in when i can

different routes, different distances, if i cannot manage an hour, then i'll do 30 or 40 mins etc, if i only get 20 minutes then it's better than nout

i really do feel i deserve it , i've given my disabled wife and son my very all, i really need a little air to breath for myself

so, i'll try and post each training session i do,

How far i ran, or how long i ran for - and how i feel

Many of you i know are experienced runners, some maybe more experienced than myself - some are newbies or new- ish, so i hope it helps inspire you

but i will NOT even be attempting to returning to any of my 100 plus miles a week that i used to do years ago
and this will not be about seeing how fast i can get around a certain distance

This is going to be purely fun, feel good, my ME time !!!!!!

I am actually going to treat this to start with as if i'm a newby myself


  • Monday 3 March am

    After Phillip had gone to day centre, and i made sure my wife was ok -

    I went out gently for about 33 minutes, on one of my old routes, i probably ran about 4 miles - it was quite breezy, i felt very refreshed, i was feeling very tight in my calf's and thighs

    i just relaxed, and thought about the old days - i felt good,
  • Mick, good to see you're getting some 'me' time.


  • Nice one Mick! Hope you enjoy the "me" time, we all need it once in a while.
  • Quite right Mick.  Well done.  We all need a little space at frequent intervals and it doesn't mean we love love those closest to us any less.  Keep it up!
  • Mick you slacker!

    Just cos Phil isn't there to "push" you doesn't mean you can ponce about base training.

    Put some effort in Man!


    Great to hear you got out.. 

  • Sorry posted reply on wrong thread!

  • Good stuff Mick.  We all need ME time  image
  • Good luck with it Mick - enjoy!  You are an inspiration and have spurred me on more than once with your chants of easy, easy as you've overtaken me so I'm glad to hear that you're taking it easy on yourself.  Look forward to reading your blogs! image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Good for you Mick, me time is important image
  • Mick, I am so going to love reading this...you've hit the nail on the head for me, what running is all about, instead of pressurising myself to go out or race, or check my speed or my distance but just going out relaxing and plodding (well plodding for me) and enjoying running again instead of dreading it.

    Thanks! image)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    If ANYONE deserves "me time" it's you, Mick.

    If I could, I'd send you some of mine - I value it, but probably waste too much of it.

    Enjoy! image

  • Longs - Hear hear.
  • Tuesday 4 March

    Phillip's in respite for disabled this week - Mon - Fri,  

    But I Went out as normal on my letter box distrubution this morning at 6 am, but instead carried on until 8.50, delivering and doing speed walking and jogging it between gaps in streets and houses

    Normally, i would return home at 7.30, to help Mrs Mick with Phillip to get him ready for day centre, but as he's away, i carried on and let her sleep - then  i would have returned back to distribution for an hour

    i had a good time, it was icey cold and refreshing, i saw 2 joggers while i was out, and everyone buzzing around going to school and work

    I enjoyed it emmencely

    I do so hope all of you fellow runners are ok 

  • Not in the mood
    It's been a piss me off day

    just got no moitivation at all, i slept very heavy last night

    went out on letter box distribution and did 1.75 hours of speed walking and jogging in between

    other wise, just might not have gone out at all
  • Been an ok day

    Hi all

    It's been a pretty good day overall, i slept very well last night - went out this morning on letter box distribution at about 8.40, and paced around until about 12 .20, it's quite amazing walking and jogging around all the streets, just how far you can actually go

    been for a nice 4 course meal with my wife, and Phillip's home tomorrow evening

    so, all's well really
  • Friday's been alright !

    Hi fellow runners

    well, I had a good night sleep, good breakfast, after i knew Mrs Mick was ok, i went off out on my letter box distribution this morning for 2 hours , speed walking and jogging in-between - pretty pleasant breeze really, just nice and refreshing

    been for a nice pub snack tonight, and of course little Phillip is back home tonight, - the nurse said when he got bought home by day centre staff, and he came to the door, his face was a picture of pure delight

    he's now happily tucked up in bed

    i'm lurking here and there seeing what your all up to

    not really feel like posting much

  • But nice to see you here Mick.

    Enjoy your ME time.xx

  • Saturday's been alright

    After bad legal news this morning, i took my wife on her elecrtic scooterfor a nature walk this afternoon

    we had fun, enjoyed it

    tomorrow Ashby 20
  • Ashby 20 Magic

    Went to Ashby 20 tough hilly- ish mile race today clocked a slow 3.26, but then that happens

    would never have missed it for the world, it was simply a magic day

    Phillip felt very heavy on hills at 18.5 - 19.5 , so had to walk a little, but that won't take away the pure magic day we had

    WE can be so very proud of what we did and we are proud

    it was great meeting people , made our whole day

    Thankyou all so much

    Mick n phil xx
  • My heart Aches

    How my heart aches, and i wish for some peace, my whole heart and soul aches, Running is just like medication , its a temporary drug, it's not a final solution or cure

    very few people understand unfortunately-

    I've tried so hard in life, given my all, have never ever left them, ( my wife and Phil ) There is always emergency information on the wheelchair - i so hope one day out on the racing curcuit that i finally lay myself to rest
    like many other mum's and dad's in my position here near home, we selfishly wish and hope that we out live our siblings - that way we will be able to at least die in some dignity and peace

    if i was a drunk, or what ever, and over night, said ok, lets do this or that - yes, it would be so very WRONG as some have pointed out

    but my actions are NOT controlled by alcohol, my actions are not an over night thought from desperation of hate , anger and temper

    this is a final ultimatum of not days, not weeks or months , but years of thinking out EVERY angle, the possible consequences of what to do - both with my local authority revenge, and with FLM saga

    There are certain things in life i strongly believe that if NECCESSARY, if i'm pushed then 2 wrongs will or do make a right

    FLM, well, it's just a case of me being a silly bugga, and if i fail on the day, i'll return home Happy and truimphant knowing i gave my all , regardless of whether or not people agree with me, i can then live in some peace on the FLM saga, course if i do get somewhere in London, then it will be delighful

    My battle and REVENGE for the system locally, i'm very much afraid, few understand, when you set out your stall in life, you make your desicions and you stick to them, come HELL or high water

    Will my wife pass on first, and leave me and Phil or will i pass on first , who know's- i fully expect to awake one day and find my wife gone from heart problems, i suprised it's not happened already

    Many of you think i'm silly and all the etc, that go with it, i respect and understand that, simply because many have absolutely NO idea how they'd re-act if put in my situation

    so, FLM is just around the corner - this is it you might say, - i'm ready for anything, lets face it, what more can be thrown at me than what i've already endured

    All of you have given us much pleasure, and laughter, so much so, you'll never ever know - you've all been a delight to know- it's just so unfortunate that you've come across some like me,

    i as most know, am an honest open chap, but pushed over the line, i become something very different, i was already a broken man when we met, i 've waited this long quite perposely for my Phillip to become 19 , an adult and off the SSD childrens team

    What do you mean Mick , you ask " i live by the sword, I'll die by it if neccessary "

    I've gone to far now to turn back !!!!!!!!!

    I will NOT be trying again to explain further, if this post just isn't understood, then fair enough, but from an HONEST man and LAW abiding until now

    My sincere love to you all - Bless you all and your families

    Mick xxx
  • Am I thinking that you are talking about running here Mick, I doubt that I am reading anything really sinister. If you are thinking what I am thinking then I can't think what LAW old beardy might be studying.

    Health and Safety at Work Act? Emphasis on Work. People get thumped in boxing - but that's sport, not work. Don't hit the Referee though, he IS at work.

  • That was good

    Have just been out and done a training run on my own for once - Mrs Mick has gone into town on her electric scooter, so, i thought, well- i'm taking Phillip to the track tonight with Stratford AC for an hour, so how about i have some ME time ahh

    so i set off , quietly, NOTHING flash, or speedy, just wanted to relax and play and feel good again, i did about 4 miles on one of my local training loops in around 33 mins -

    I am now gushing in sweat but feel good
  • The most perfect run
    Tonight i went without Phillip to the club - and i went with the experienced group - we ran for about 1 hour 15
    it was pure heaven, it was a hard run, thirsty hot and humid, it was tranquil, relaxing, so so enjoyable, most perfect in every way you can think of

    i cannot think of the last time i had such an enjoyable run with fellow runners on my own

    it's made me feel so real good again - i don't have much ME time, but it did me the world
  • A great run - one of the best feelings in the world!  Glad you got it!  :--)
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