Help! Tax problems

I get the feeling here that I am up a gum tree image

I have been in contact with my a/c about sorting out my tax return. he wants to know how many days I spent in teh UK during my contract in Germany (09/06-09/07) and what the dates were.

Since I didn't keep a record of this, quite frankly I am f***ed. I have deleted all my flight confirmations that Ryanair sent me. I have asked Hotmail if they would still have copies of those e-mails on their servers, but quite frankly I am not hopeful. Sometimes I stayed at a B&B in London, sometimes I didn't, so asking them for the nights I stayed would be only of limited use.

I suppose I could ask Ryanair (they were the only airline I flew with when coming back home), but somehow I think they'd be as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I did tot it up in my head while I was out in Germany that I was coming home roughly once a month for the weekend, so that's one whole day back in UK, times 12 is 12. Plus 3 weeks off for Christmas, 21, plus I had another week in UK as holiday that's 7, total is 40, no that doesn't sound right.

Bloody hell, how am I going to get out of this one, it's hopeless image

Plus a/c asked if I'd kept copy of P85 I'd sent to HMRC, he wasn't too pleased when I said I hadn't. So thyen I phone HMRC asking if they could send me a copy, and the bloke at the other end spoke to me as if I was up to something dodgy.

Oh somebody please help, what a great big f***ing mess! image 


  • If you can't work it out........... how will they ?

    Make it up to the best of your knowledge and without intent to defraud anyone and relax ? 

  • Oh ...and get a wife.

    Apparently they cover all paperwork like this.

    I'm currently looking for one 

  • I'd get a wife, but only for the bl*w jobs, I can handle the paperwork in future!
  • Presumably they will know all dates I re-entered UK from passport control???
  • panic not BCDB - these things always sound worse at the start than they end up......normally

    if you have no records, then usually (provided you have no previous with them) the HMRC are prepared to accept your answers if they sound plausible and realistic

    and as for getting a copy of the P85 - if you have a genuine reason for needing it as you have no copy, then they have to supply - the fact the bloke thinks you're dodgy has got bugger all to do with it.

    and I think your a/c is being a tosser as well with his attitude
  • I already know the answer to this question, but still can't help asking it...don't you keep a diary??

    ...sounds to me as though you're more likely to manage your own bl*w jobs than you are your paperwork!  image

  • The bloke at HMRC told m,e that copies aren't supplied if it's info that I actually sent them. So presumably he just couldn't be bothered.

    I just wish my crap management company had told me I needed to keep all of this *before* I went to Germany, but they were totally unsupportive and not very communicative. 

  • I'm a bloke, of course I don't keep a diary! image
  • get your a/c to request them - these guys usually have better contacts with tax offices as they have to deal with them regularly. he'll probably just explain to them that you have been a fool and not kept a copy and he needs it to resolve some tax issues on your behalf...

    and - some lessons learnt for you as well!
  • I don't mean Bridget Jones stylee!  How do you know that you have to be at the dentist on 24th at 10.30 or your mate's stag do on 1st?

    I guess your house could be a haze of yellow post it notes!

    (Thank God for FB actually providing some useful advice!).

  • Yeah, I have learned the bloody hard way, innit.

    Funnily, after I persisted, he did say he'd e-mail the relevant person to send me a copy, so that gave me a lot of confidence, naturally. This was after teh guy on teh other end of teh line said that they hadn't actually received my form (even though I actually have an acknowledgement letter from them).

    Gee whizz, think I need to listen to some Billy Ocean and open a can of Chill the F*ck Out. 

  • I either keep it in my head or if I'm worried I'll forget I'll put a reminder on my phone, no need for post-its.
  • or someone to blow you
  • don't worry i'm not volunteering
  • Good, I'm really glad about ihat image

    Any volunteers? Orderly queue please ... 

  • I think you'll have to start a new thread if you want volunteers, I can't imagine those willing to gobble will have been interested in your tax problems!
  • Bank statements or credit card statements ????
  • echo dave - how did you pay for things? that mars bar in an airport... first euros transaction/first pounds transaction etc...
  • petrol and car park reciepts etc getting to and from airports, train tickets etc if paid for by card will show on statements
  • Erm ... image ... guess what, I shredded the lot, didn't think they'd be needed!

    Have done some detective work, and have figured out the dates of 11 of the visits I made back to the UK so we are well over halfway there I reckon. I don't think i could've made over 16, so if need be I'll make up teh other 5!


    never again. 

  • copy bank and credit card statements can be easily obtained, i think it costs £10
  • ... per page!!!

    For future reference, bank and credit card statements should be kept for, I think it's 5 years.  Go steady with that shredder!

    Or switch to internet banking and then you can always get your statements on-line. 

  • Cheers, could always do that and look for dates I used cards on SouthEastern trains etc.

    However, I think I'm almost home free, just need B&B to contact me and then that's it.

    it would've been handy if the management company had given me a list of things to make surew of BEFORE I went over there. Never mind.

  • It´s not per page it´s 10pound standard charge for the last 6 years you can get - maybe more but I got that.  (they legally can´t charge more than 10 pounds)
  • i always used to keep them Minty, but then wondred why I bothered as there was never any come backs. I think I had over 10 year's worth at one stage.

    think I will switch over to web banking. 

  • On the subject of keeping things my Grandparents still have years worth of receipts from their shop in the 70´s! Every sale... I have no idea why!!!!
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