Hip pain

Advice please.

Two weeks ago I slipped off the kirb in town and my right foot banged down really hard on the road and jared hip. I ran on it last week but it was hurting even to walk on so this week I've rested it and not run at all.

My problem is that it still does hurts not as much. Next sunday in competing my my 1st half marathon which I've been training really hard for.

What should I do? Keep resting and lose a bit of form or run on it next week and see what happens.




  • Hi,

    If the pain is an aching, muscle pain around the back of the hip I would suggest seeing a Sports therapist or similar as i suspect a problem relating to Gluteus Medius. This muscle is really important in controlling the position and level of the hips. The muscle may have torn or gone into spasm when you slipped off the pavement. A massage and some stretching followed by strengthening exercises should help this out.

    Try this for a bit more information:http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist/back/buttocks/myofascial_pain_trigger_points.htm

     I hope this helps

    (If the pain is not where I said let me know and I'll try again!)


  • Thanks Heidi, it's hard to explain where the pain is it does feel as if it's in my bone but also feels like it's on the outside on my hip running to the inside of my groin. 

    I've been on 3 runs now and it's ok while I'm running but painful after and the next day.

    I think I'm going to keep training for the 1/2 in the forest of dean then rest it and see how it goes

    Thanks again for your advice



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