Deferring and depressed....

Well, the chest infection has won and I have made the decision to defer to next year.  i have run twice in the last 5 weeks and have to now accept that it ain't happening for me this year (I made the decision while I coughed continuously between 4.30-6.30am this morning).

I am so depressed and feel like I've let down everyone who's pledged sponsorship so far image

Just had to share my angst, best of luck to all of you who will be running and see ya next year!!

 Hegs x


  • It is a nuisance but you know it makes sense Hegs.

    Best of luck for next year image

  • At least you have something to look forward to in 2009
  • hope you feel better soon and remember how much stronger you'll feel this time next year. You'll treasure the experience all the more. Get well Hegs, all the best.
  • I know how you feel, I'm in exactly the same boat, raised a fair amount of money and have had to pull out.  My charity couldn't guarantee me a place next year though so I'm doing New York instead.  Main thing is to get 100% again and then enjoy your running, at least you know you'll be there next year, I might not get that far if I'm not successful in the ballot again.
  • Hegs and Moscow - so sorry to hear your stories.

    Just to echo everyone else - think about how good you will feel next year all being well, and you will definitely get a LOT more out of it. It definitely makes sense, but I can feel your pain at having to come to that decision.

    Get well soon both of you. xx 

  • Sorry to hear the news - did it in 06, so I know how hard it is.

    Moscow - whats the story with your charity - was it a GB place?  If so and you've raised money already, what happens?  My charity for 06 defered my place so they got an extra one the following year and didn't loose out.

  • I know how you feel.

     I had to pull out last year with a stress fracture that appeared just 7 weeks before the big day. It was an awful experience, made worse by the irrational guilt I felt from all the charity money I'd raised but felt I hadn't 'earned'.

    But guess what, the year since then has gone sooo fast. Before you know it you'll be subscribing for 10k's again, then applying for half mara's with a view to the big one.

    Start thinking about next year's race now, that's what I did last year, set goals, and run every race with FLM 2009 in mind, and like I said, it will come around very quickly.

     I has for me, next year is here now.

    All the best.


  • And so the list gets one bigger, am coming to terms with having to defer myself. two bouts of man flu and a violent case of a gastro bug has done for me. Not going to have got the miles in. Hotel booked and flight paid for, guess Mrs BFB will be on for a better shopping experience than she thought.  Twill be hell watching on the mall instead of finishing..........image

    heres to 2009..............................................

  • I feel your pain guys. Am facing he propect of having to defer too. Gutted. We'll live to run another race though - we should be proud of the hard work we put in and the intention of raising the money - still fel guilty though. Humph. Good luck for 2009.
  • Hey Hegs,

    Try not to take it too hard. I've had to defer to 2009 as well. Was gutted at the time but i've put it in prospective, i still have a place for next year plus i'll have a years extra training.

  • You're doing the right thing.

    I had to defer my place last year and I was gutted, but it's wored out for the best - I'm much stronger and my running is faster this year than it was last year.

  • I feel your pain. I am in teetering on the brink of deferring as well. I picked up a calf injury during a half marathon which was part of my training. It just won't seem to heal. I kept trying to run through it but it just would not budge. I have got a Golden Bond place and felt absolutely dreadful phoning Sarah, my charity organiser but she was absolutely brilliant. We agreed to review it a fortnight before the day but she has been so supportive it is wonderful. I know exactly how people feel about  'letting  people down'. If anything though, this has heightened my resolve to make sure that if I am not in a position to do it this year, I will be on top of the world and ready next year. I am sure that once you have got yourself well again, you will be similarly minded.

    Good luck and chin up  !

  • Poor you, Hegs. Same thing happened to me years ago. I did Edinburgh instead though 6 months later. Didn't have the option of deferring as had a charity place so have been applying through the ballot for years. Finally 9 years later I'm running FLM!!
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