• Kerry,

     I tried to rate it, but I think there's a technical fault with the rating it sends you to. It doesn't show 2008 as a possible Race Year. 


  • Still no results posted, I see....
  • I know its becoming a joke! I heard from the race promoter yesterday and he said that they would be online today - "technical difficulties"................

    I dont think i have ever waited this long for results before, apart from my degree!! LOL

  • Kerry, I think there may be two entries for the race, and maybe even two lots of ratings, but my rating and a fair few others was appearing when I checked yesterday.
  • The results are now up, well sort of, they've got me as a non-runner!! Cheers for that.

    The cherry on the top of a disappointing event that they have blamed everybody else for!!!

  • God, it is rubbish...... what do you mean that they've blamed everyone else for it, though?

    And aren't there any photos? I did see a photographer in the City Stadium at least. 

    We are actually second place in the Community Teams. I'm not holding my breath for an amazing prize, though.  

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