March registration form

"In March all runners who have been accepted to run the 2008 Marathon will receive a registration form"

Anyone got theirs yet? How long do we have to wait?



  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    got mine this morning, so have several other people, it must be in the post...
  • yeah you will get it thisa week

    Mine arrived today as well

  • Ok, thanks, see you in London!
  • got mine today too - very exciting image

  • Mine's arrived.  Because I'm on a club place it's the first confirmation I've actually had (other than my cheque being cashed) so I can officially start getting excited.
  • Noooo mine's not here yet image I'm a club place too so I'm waiting patiently (or not!)
  • Not gone mine yet either image.  Please Mr Postman - bring it soon. 

  • Mine just arrived yesterday too. I'm sure they'll all arrive within the next week. It IS exciting having that all important bit of paper in your clutches!  Cannot wait to go to Expo, I was giddy with excitement all day last year. FIVE WEEKS TODAY people, woohoo!!!
  • Got mine yesterday, all the long slow runs are starting to mean something  now.
  • Not got mine yet so will expect in the next few daysimage. Hows the training going everyone?
  • I haven't got my form yet either and I am a club member, so am praying for its arrival this week, how awful if you did all that training and your form got lost. Just did my first 19 mile yesterday and did it in 2hr 58mins which I think i am pleased with i want a sub 4.30 not too good on times, do you think this is possible.

  • Clarkinator, that is a good pace and if you can keep it up you could be on for a sub 4. On the day you will be running a bit faster than in training as the fantastic support and atmosphere gives you a boost. Do you use a GPS device to monitor speed, distance and time?
  •  Well i do have a garmin but do not really use it to its potential. I have not used the heart rate monitor with it yet. I am running between 8-9min miles but noticed that on the last 2 miles they were a lot slower should i go out slower, i feel comfortable running at that pace.
  • I would stay at what you are comfortable with. As you have a Garmin you will be able to gage what your finishing time will be in the race so can tell whether you need to speed up to get to your target time.
  • I got club place too - glad I am not the only one thinking 'what if?' seeing as you get no confirmation.  Mine came yesterday too.
  • Still waiting for mine...if it doesn't arrive tomorrow, i'm going to burn down the post office!!!  image

    ...well, sit and cry probably...

  • I have a club place too, but have used the opportunity to raise money for a charity as well.  Now I'm getting paranoid about having to return all the money - or at least come up with some very creative lies! - if something has got screwed up somehow on the admin.  Please hurry up, registration pack!
  •  Woo hoo just got home and my pack has arrived oh my god I am now seriously nervous. I have a half marathon on sunday and am really nervous don't know why as I have done a few, I think its because I have a time 1hr 45 and I hope all these long runs have not tired me out my best is 1hr 49 so we shall see.
  • The post office is safe! My registration form arrived today! Now i'm just waiting to see if i blagged my way into the Monaco Marathon on March 30...
  • Yippee  - got mine image   I'm now seriously buzzing with excitement

  • Got mine yesterday so 1 month, 23 hours, 46 minutes to go.image
  • I still haven't got gine - am I the only one? I've got a club place so only have my cheque being cashed as a confirmation! I hope it's in the post when I get home!
  • Sorry to be thick (haven't done FLM before) but what is in the pack?
  • another mag, red laces, but most of all the important form you need to take with you when picking up your number as without it dont bother going lol, oh and take photo id eg passport or driving licence

  • Its a registration form which you will need to take to the excel exhibition centre to get your number, also an information magazine showing the route and where spectators can get the best views, its also my first and I am quite nervous. Goodluck!

  • Nothing to be nervous about. Just make sure you are prepared like any other race and it will all go smoothly.
  • What time on the 12th do you have to register by?  I can't find any info on the form. Thanks.
  • Sorry, just found the info in the mag, 5pm.  Just ignore me.
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