Suitability of Garmin-Ready training plan

I notice in RW's Garmin-Ready Marathon Schedule: Sub-4:00 when looking through the training sessions that there are only two days of hill repeats in this 16 week schedule. Likewise, there are only two fartlek sessions.

I think most runners would say that these are of value. If so, shouldn't there be more of them in the schedule? It doesn't seem that only two days of hill training would be of much value.


  • It's the Mr/Mrs average schedule

    Maybe the hill stuff is more important for the faster people rather than the 4 hr brigade?

    I'm one of the 4hr brigade btw

  • My first marathon (Chicago) is scheduled for the fall, with Philadelphia scheduled for 6 weeks thereafter. I think I might be able to do 4 hours with a good training program. (I notice that my Boston Qualifying time is also 4 hours for my age group: 60 - 64 which is part of the 4 hour motivation).

    The Garmin training program is convenient because I can load it into my FR305, but I was just wondering about the suitability of the program to accomplish the 4 hour goal.

  • It worked for me, but I am a mere boy of 40. For an avg mara then a 4 hr time doesn't need much hill work.

    You may find the mature runners thread a better source of info. From my point of view the only thing I can see that you may change is the amount of rest days you take.

    I'm looking seriously at taking 2 days a week recovery and I'm younger by 20 years.

    Johnny J may have a better idea.

    The Boston mara is a very tough one on the quads from it's downhill profile, famously so. If you are considering Boston then I'd add more hill work, particularly downhill work.

  • Stump wrote (see)

    You may find the mature runners thread a better source of info.

    Don't type that too loudly. My body doesn't know that I'm getting old yet, and I'm trying to keep it from finding out.

    I try not to take days off as a rule. I usually run at lunchtime during the week, but sometimes I have a conflicting meeting and I have to, but i would rather do a slow relaxing run than take the day off. 10k still burns off around 850 kcal, and I don't lose that much watching tv. I usually take the day off before a race, and sometimes I just get lazy, but otherwise I try to run every day.

  • Running everyday is OK ,plenty do it, but without adequate time for recovery your training will not produce the most optimal results.

    You train to place stress on your body, when your body recovers from that stress it overcompensates slightly and you get fitter.

    It's not the training that makes you better/fitter it's the recovery from training.

    If you train all the time you don't recover as well. The major difference between a pro athlete and a great amateur is the time a pro has for recovery.

    Taking a day off isn't being slack. As you go past 50 you should consider 2 days off.

    Burning calories is OK too but if you need to run 10k every day to stay in the same size trousers then you're eating too much buddy. Sort your diet out. image

  • I can't seem to import the file on to my 305 - the only options available under the 'import' tab are logbook, history, workouts, courses, and all...

    Can someone please help? Thanks

    Not to worry - sorted it image

  • you need to import workout Adam, RW give instructions on downloading and importing, you have to download the file from RW onto your computor then import it into your TC. If you haven't updated your TC lately, you may find the dates are all out, that's what happened to me!
  • I'm 52 and doing Loss ness on 4/10 . I've been running for years but only 2 Marathons. I missed going under 4 at London last year by 1-52, Therefore want to do another one to get under 4. I followed a programme for 6 months and worked well. Is there anyone there with partic tips for those my age wanting to get under 4 whi is reasonably fit?
  • Just wondered what's happening with the Garmin Schedules.  They appear to have changed recently, but those on the screen above are different to those that you get when you download the runs to the Training Centre.

    Is the downloaded plan going to be changed to coincide with the changes to the RW webpage plan?

  • Is it possible to alter these programs to not consider Heart Rate quite so much?  I am a 40 year old who only started running last year whilst in Afghanistan.  I have run several Half Marathons in training (with my best time being 01:56), but have my first official Marathon in Plymouth in 8 days.  I want to continue to improve my running speed and aim to run a Full Marathon in or around the 4 hour mark later this year.

    However, I suffer from High Blood Pressure and an enlarged heart and am on medication to control both.  When I am out running my Half Marathon, my Heart Rate very quickly rises to around the 165 mark, peaking at 178 on the hills.  I don't feel fazed by this as I can hold the pace for the full 2 hours, but it appears that most programs utilise Heart Rate Zones as a marker and mine are clearly way out.

    PS - My wife has just ordered me a Garmin 610 from her sister who lives in Boston and should arrive in a couple of weeks - I am so excited it feels like Christmas. 

  • @ Alli Bongo  +1 

    The plan I just downloaded is significantly different than the one above. 

    Alli - are you saying the web page is the one that has been updated recently?  I would have assumed that the download would be the more recent.

  • I notice the screen and the download are still significantly different.....  maybe i'll just mix and match!
  • Is there a way to download/import/export this schedule to a Forerunner 610 via ?
  • Why do the sessions state 'speed' and not 'pace'? I find it very confusing switching between the two and my Garmin shows me average pace (doesn't it?!?!).  
  • For those wondering why the schedule you download is different, it was "refreshed" in 2011 by marathon coach Steve Smythe, as noted here:

    I assume Steve updated the downloaded versions, and the text above is the old one -though I'm not sure.

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