Stomach Cramp

Been running for a while but whenever I hit the1 hour mark I start to feel the dreaded cramps in the pit of my stomach.

It is a real nuisance, as soon after I feel I have to go and that ain't always convenient, what do other runners do? it's prevented me from doing anything more than 10k race, well you know, who wants that to strike in public!

 I've read plenty of entrys on other runners suffering this, but does anyone know why it happens and what can I do to prevent it?


  • immodium can help - not practical for training but essential for races (for me anyway).

    Not  a medical doctor but gut being left alone by bodies systems while they go cope with what you are doiing to the rest of your poor body may be the answer.  

    I would run slower for a start - for me it only happens when i push  my limits.  

  • Just read this on here....may help you

    How can I get rid of stomach pain when I run?

    By Patrick Milroy
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