Bottle Tops

What's the score with taking the tops off water bottles in races? It seems such a waste as people can't carry them and therefore have a couple of sips and then throw the bottles away. I beat the system on Sunday at silverstone by keeping hold of my lid, but there must be method in the organisers madness. Just what is it???


  • I think it stops people slipping on lots of discarded tops. It is frustrating not being able to carry the full bottle but I think its more of a safety thing from the organisers point of view.

  • At larger events it's quite common to have the choice of a bottle with or without lid.

  • I've worked the Lucozade station at 23 miles a couple of times, and if we left the caps on the whole race would grind to a halt as tired disoriented people slowed down or stopped as they tried to get the lids off their drinks. They're hard enough to remove at it is without trying to do it when tired and on the run. Also if it's cold then it gets even harder to get the tops off - I remember handing out leaflets after the Reading Half a few years ago when it rained, hailed and sleeted on everybody running over 1hr 20min, and I ended up spending more time opening drinks and the like for runners whose hands were too cold to do it than I did giving out leaflets.
  • If its water - just put yuour thumb in it and that pretty much stops most of the splashing ?
  • Ahhh it all makes sense, it's so we keep running!

     Knew there was method in the madness - like the thumb idea cougie!!!

  • plastic cups, do they still use them in races, filled up from  a plastic bin, in turn filled up by a garden hose?

    The world is changing faster than I am

  • The Alloa HM had plastic cups last year - I think I snorted half of the water, and spilled the rest down my frontimage Never could get the hang of themimage
  • BOTF bless you for opening bottles. 

    Are you also one of those angels who bend down to take my chip off when I could no more bend over and do it myself any more than I could run another half marathon?

    They really should inherit the earth

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