I have received my race number and am looking forward to the race. I didn't do it last year, but  the course sounds really good. I presume it goes over some of the New Forest 10 Mile route?


  • It did last year, as I remember. It was also quite a bit over 10k, but I think they have changed the course slightly, so may be closer to the advertised distance this year!
  • Morning All,

    It`s going to be a cold one but hopefully the rain and snow will hold off.

    Wishing everybody a good run and hopefully we will all raise a lot of money.
  • Are any results available? If so, where please?

  • Well the rain and sleet didn't hold off, loads of people were hiding in the registration tent before the start. Nice start for my 1st ever race... I'm not sure if there are any official times as the timing system was broken, many people (like me) weren't wearing numbers as they didn't have any pins & no one asked for it at the end. I finished in 47m 58s so am well happy image
  • I don't know whether there will be any results, as the timing system wasn't working, and they were unable to record finish times. It is possible that they may publish a results list, minus times. If I find one, I will put details on this thread.
  • Don`t think they will be publishing a result list as when i came through nobody was recording numbers and as you say timing system had suffered from the weather. I made the distance 5.7miles so quite a bit shorter than 10k, i believe because part of the course was flooded.
  • The official line from the organisers "We had to re-configure the course on Friday due to flooding down the bottom end of the original course and it was 0.2K short I’m afraid"
  • Thanks for the info Richard. My time was 43.31, which I am pleased with, considering the conditions under which we ran.image
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