Good for Age

Running London this year and hoping to do sub 3.15.

Now I'm 40 at the moment - but 41 this year.

IF I can run sub 3.15 - is that good enough for a GFA next year - assuming they dont move the goalposts ?

GFA for 18-40 for men is sub 3, but for 41 its sub 3.15.

Do they go from your age at the time of the race, or the age you will be at the end of the year ?


  • no you have to be 41 and do a sub 3.15
  • Run sub 3 you lazy sod image
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  • Lie about your age?
  • Wilkie wins ! You're a genius ! image' />
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  • Sorry to disagree - I am in exactly the same position as Cougie, and as I read the rules on the FLM website, you have to be of the stated age when the 2009 FLM race happens (ie 41), and your qualifying time must have been achieved in 2009 or 2008 (well, assuming the same criteria are rolled forward to next year). So a sub 3-15 race performance when you are aged 40 is OK, there is nothing in the rules to say you also had to be in the same age group when that qualifying race was run.

    That's certainly what I am hoping for.

  • coroniumcoronium ✭✭✭
    Skip- I'm sorry but I think you are wrong. The qualifying time has to be achieved at the corresponding age e.g. running sub-3 as a 40 yr old or sub-3:15 as a 41 yr old. I don't think you can run sub-3:15 (but not sub-3) as a 40 year old then have a birthday and suddenly have achieved a GFA qualification. But to be sure give FLM a call.
  • i might have been wrong but id make sure to cos you dont want to leave it till oct to apply then to be told "sorry your too young".   thats if the gfa system is the same after april with the online ballot thing
  • I think its a bit vague to be honest ? Arent you in the age category that you'd be at the year end/start ? So people dont swap age categories half way through the year.

    Certainly worth a go anyway - they can only tell ya to bugger off ! image' />
  • cougie - the flm and most races are based on your age on race day, not like triathlon where it age at a certain date like IM or end of the year like BTF.
  • As an aside, arn't the gfa catagories abit ridiculous?

    How can it be fair that a man of 60-64 has to run a faster time than an 18yr old woman?! image'>

    Next year I'm going to enter as a 65-69yr old, i'll be 35....!

  • Kittenkat - so just run another marathon, get your quali time, sorted.
  • Paris!
  • If I have a sex change when I'm 70........I can get in with a 6.30. image' />
  • If you can do IM, surely you can do sub 3.45?
  • KK - you just need to do the time at any marathon. Doesnt have to be London.

    And yeah, its a lot easier for girls to get a GFA I reckon. Still - all in all - I think its harder being a girl. Shaving legs ? Madnesss !
  • It makes us more aerodynamic, Cougie image' />
  • Reckon it would save me 15 mins or so ?
  • That depends on how hairy your legs are!
  • Going back to the original question, a mate of mine did just that - ran sub 3:15 when he was 40 and used it for GFA at FLM for the next two years i.e. when he was 41 & 42.  It's your age on the date of FLM that counts, not your age when you run the qualifying time.

    The same is true for Boston, as it happens.

  • Star man !
  • I read Melanie Angel's article in the May edition. Just wanted to wish her luck in her pursuit of a sub 4 hr FLM run, which would give her a "Good for Age" place next year.

    Also note that crop tops and shorts are not only for elites but for those wanting to keep cool on warm days. 

    Good on yer Melanie.

  • <packs crop top>
  • Just read that Melanie Angel went round in 3:57:48 so officially GFA.image
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