MST Shoes, Could they help My Plantar Fascitis

Hi Everyone

I am so fed up - I've got Plantar Fascitis - my physio said no running until we see an improvement, at the minute I am doing all the usual things, ice, rest, sensible shoes.  So fed up with no running as I have three stones in weight to loose and now can't even go on the cross trainer at the Gym!

Has anyone tried these Masai Barefoot Training shoes, and do you think they would help my plantar problem?  Also, how long does the condition take to clear up? 


  • Hi

    Got some MBT's about 3 weeks ago. After wearing them around and about my legs started to ache but have got used to them now and they are sooooo comfy. Bought them cos my knees dont like road running very much and have to say theyve not been so bad but cant say if they will help PF. they are very well cushioned so that might help(?)

    Good luck and hope it improves soon.

  • Hi,

     I had MBTs, but haven't used them since I started running, as I think they are more likely to cause injuries than help with them.  They are cushioned, but do not have any support - in fact the whole point of them is to simulate walking barefoot, and make your foot more unstable, so your muscles have to work harder.  I reckon that's the last thing you need with plantar.  There are quite a few articles about them if you google them.

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