Friday session

This week has been a bit odd. I restrutured my training knowing that I had to be in Amsterdam all day Thursday. On Wednesday I felt a bit wiped out and almost as if I was getting a cold, but completed the interval session I had planned. Then yesterday flet ABSOLUTELY wiped out, fell asleep on plane in both directions etc. etc. So took the day off.

Today: Steady hour run.
Why: Racing on Sunday so nothing too strenuos
Last rest day: Yesterday
Last hard day: Wednesday

If I feel really pooped after tonights session then I will probably abort this Sundays 30k race, but generally a day off is enough for me to recharge.


  • Best wishes for Sunday, Martin (and everyone else - is anyone NOT racing?)

    What: Rest day.
    Why: Long run yesterday. Unlikely to have fifteen consecutive free minutes until after dark today.
    Last hard day: yesterday.
    Last rest day: Wednesday.
  • I'm not racing, V-rap. I'm supporting hubbie who is doing his first triathlon whilst resting in advance of the Robin Hood half.

    Is it normal for triathlons to start at 6am?! We are staying with my parents for it and hubbie is not winning any brownie points with the in-laws!

    What: not sure actually. Supposed to be doing speedwork but am feeling really knackered. May have a rest today and do speedwork tomorrow instead.

    Why: Feline WW3 took another turn last night with a 'controlled' introduction and the logistics of keeping the 2 cats separate is leaving me wiped out.

    Last rest day: Monday

    Last hard day: Tuesday, although yesterday's hills on the 'easy' run felt quite hard.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Good luck on Sunday Martin (and everyone else who's racing this weekend)

    What: travelling up to Glasgow
    Why: Unfortunately my helicopter is undergoing major repairs so I'm having to drive.
    Last hard day: Wed
    Last rest day: today
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Haven't been on the forums this week - moved in to new flat over the weekend, which left me feeling absolutely wiped out. Took Monday off as I felt rough and as though I was coming down with a cold - fortunately this hasn't amounted to much. Ran on Tuesday for the first time in a week - my new home is right on the outskirts of London and is fairly hilly: running is not as easy any more! Ran Wednesday but muscles really ached after Tuesday's 4-mile hill effort, so only a short one. Rested last night, as had to attend a work barbecue. So, today:

    What: Probably 3-4 miles easy.
    Why: Still tired from the move, extremely busy at work, don't want to overdo it!
    Last hard session: Tuesday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Have also booked a last-minute week away to Corfu leaving a week on Monday - really need a break to recover from the stress of moving house!
  • Good luck to all those racing at the w/e.

    What: 3 -4 miles tempo with the office whippet.

    Why: 'cos it's rare to get him to run and I would like to encourage him to do more - even though he's faster than me - it gives me something to aim for.

    Probably holding wyach for Mrs RB tonight on hill reps. - don't think my calf is up to it.

    Last hard: Wed.

    Last rest: Thur.

    Minkin - enjoy your break... I'm going to Greece in about 4 weeks - can't wait!!
  • OK a quick thank you to those wonderful people who helped me at the beginning of the week. I have just had a really pleasant run. I haven't enjoyed a run that much for most of the last month and it really helps pick me up.

    What 4m easy - somewhere under 10 min miles but with no watch who knows and who cares. And it felt really good :-)

    Why back on track for 21m week. Should get to between 25 and 30 miles a week in the next couple of months, then should be ready for some speed work (assuming I'm light enough)

    last hard - 12 days
    last rest yesterday
  • Minkin - wondered where you had disappeared to, we were beginning to worry! Now you're in your new home its a chance to find lots of new and exciting running routes.

    Drew - Sorry to hear about the helicopter, know the problem, presumably you can get the chauffer to drive though?

    Good luck to all racing on Sunday!
  • I'm not racing, but best of luck to those who are this w/e.

    What: schedule/plan says something hard. But undecided at the moment
    Why: In common with a few others on this forum, a persistent suspicion that I'm on the verge of coming down with something.

    Last hard run: Tue
    Last rest day: Sat
    Next rest day: Sat (tomorrow)
  • Morning all, this is my ONLY forum involvement today until the end of the day, please try not to distract me with Latin conjugations and the like.

    What: Done mine, 5 miles nice & muddy cross country, heigh ho it's time for filthy trainers again. Carbo-loading for Sunday officially starts now. Life is sweet.
    Why: Langdale 1/2 on Sun. God knows how I'll get on given I haven't done any road runs over 10 miles since June.

    Good luck to all for the weekend, especially the forum hard core that are meeting in Glasgow. Please buy Swiss Bobby a drink from me for doing the website, I'll pay you later. Expect to see a PB from you Drew.
  • Good luck Martin.
    I felt quite tired a few weeks back and took 2-3 days off, came back with two really good sessions so it may be worth taking it easy until Sunday.
    I'm doing the same,rest today , light 30 mins on Saturday before Great South on Sunday.

    Still apprehensive about 'big' races over shorter distances - Great North remains the worst event I've ever experienced and last weeks Flora light (Mrs D's first race) did nothing to change my view.

  • Good luck racers

    what:squash tonight
    Last run: erm can't remember (last week i think)
    why: amnesia

    tomorrow: slip on the shoes and see what happens - unstructured approach to half marathon training...
  • Good luck to all racers - looks like a busy weekend. Me, I'm taking it easy!

    What: 6 miles steady, then 16 x 200m @ 5:00 mile pace off HR120 recoveries.
    Why: needed a restful day, but also wanted to remind myself I could run fast-ish after yesterday's fiasco. Not sure how useful this speed work-out actually is, but it's always a good psychological boost for me.
    Last Hard Day: erm?
    Last Rest Day: Monday
  • I'm not racing, but best of luck to those who are this w/e.
    Good luck to all racers - tempted to try and find one with all this talk...

    What: am 4m very easy
    pm 8*1000m(3mins) with 60s rec...
    Why: Coach thinks I like pain!!! and need maximum fitness asap (see GNR number thread)

    Last hard run: Wed
    Last rest day: 01/09
    Next rest day: tuesday - 5m easy run
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭

    I've managed to hire a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. Unfortunately Captain Black's driving!
  • What: 6 Miles Easy
    Why: Hard day yesterdy, plus read some really scary knee stories in 'Running Injury Free'. Did the CMP test and came up +ve. I am now REALLY afraid my knees are trashed for life....
    Last Hard Run: Thursday
    Last Day off: Monday
  • What: 10k steady
    Why: Did it last night and can't think of anything else to do. Will try to get back to normal next week
    Days since last hard run: Sunday
    Days since last rest: Tuesday

    Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend :o)

  • What - gentle 3 miler round the local wood and fields ready for race on Sunday. Pulled calf muscle still twinging so will have to do a long slow warm up for GSR on Sunday. Scabby bit holding leg together after arguement with bike on Tuesday held up without starting to leak blood again (I really think i should have had it stitched, but you know how it is.....)
    Days of rest: Since Tuesday when i went out on the bike, and then took out the beginners in the eveing.
    Good luck to the other racers and to anyone else going for a weekend run.
  • What: Many beers in Bad Bobs, Covent Garden
    Why: Celebrating my divorce coming through and last beer before Sunday (GSR)

    Last Hard Run: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Cheers everyone and have a good weekend and good luck to all those racing!

  • Caz, erm congratulations!

    Have a good weekend and good luck in the GSR
  • What: 4 miles at 10k pace on the treadmill
    Why: Got my training a**e about face this week
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Good luck to everybody racing this weekend, I'll be thinking of you as I spend all day tomorrow celebrating my best mates wife's 40th.....................and Sunday morning recovering!!!

  • Cheers Old Dog
  • Hi all,

    What: six miles with strides

    Why: why not?

    Last hard day: Wednesday

    Last rest: Tuesday

    Happy racing over the weekend, all. Enjoy your new freedom, Caz.

  • Hope you've all had a happy day today it certainly sounds like it.
    What: Rest
    Why: GSR on Sunday.
    Last hard: Tues, should have been last night but it's been a hard week at work & I felt tired. Plus it mean't I could run with a mate who is just getting back from an achilles opp.

  • Despite previously expressed reservations, took a risk & did 9.3K increasingly pushing it. Overall time 36:16, with last mile (admittedly wind-assisted) 5:54 . Average HR: 159

    Immune system hasn't collapsed (as yet). Rest day Sat. And while on the subject, let's start the thread :-)
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