Whats the one thing you wish you'd known before your first marathon...



  • My only one was way back in 2004.

    I did the 'what you are supposed to do' routine the night before - big mistake. As far as possible, treat the build up as just a normal long sunday run.

    keep food, drink, routine as normal as possible. I ate too early on sat night - and ran out of energy!

  • i wish id been told its addictive and you could become obsessed with it all

    still, there one thing came out of it all

    it changed my lifestyle for the better

    i dont reget anything

  • Mick "Je ne regret rien!"
  • Moi non plus
  • Whoops - bad spelling doesn't help, should of course be "Non, je ne regrette rien"! (Edith Piaff)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    ... that four years later this thread would still be going! great to see all the useful stuff people are putting.

    2(.5) marathons later I can now add: I wish I'd known it would be ok to defer if you feel ill. Having dropped out of Brighton 2010 halfway with stomach problems I'd been having for a couple of days (turned out to be a big ball of stomach acid, I got a telling off from St. Johns) - I really should have just deferred, I was ill for days afterwards and running had made it worse. Brighton 2011 was so much sweeter as a result of conquering the demons from the year before.
  • I wish I'd known that I should have taken more notice of some of the posts on here. Don't weave in and out to try and pass people in the first 20 miles, the last 6.2 miles really is the second half of the race and some rhinos run fast so don't worry if they run past you ... you may even pass them later when they decide to have a pee in the middle of the road!
  • Well I've entered an October one now and am sat here thinking I've run very little.

    I suffer from nervous guts before most races and had half a litre of chocolate milk before my last marathon.  Probably does not sound much but it did have the effect of me not having to totally evacuate my guts before hand! I think this left me in a good position of not being dehydrated or free of all salts for the race.

    I did so many things I should not have done before the last one I now feel more worried about this one!

    Better get my trainers on! I have a 'definitely walked some of it' time to beat!

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