What time do people set out on race day?

If I've read the mag correctly, the first train from Charing Cross to Blackheath (blue start) is at 6:54 with the start at 9:45am.  Also, is this a tube train or a commuter train?  Just says get the train at Charing Cross and notthing about going to the tube station or the mainline station.

I was planning on leaving my hotel (Leicestr Square area) at 6am and walking the few minutes over to Charing Cross.  Is this too early? 

Working this out, seems I would have around two hours after arriving at the runner area which doesn't seem that bad to me.  Don't want to leave it a bit later and find 20-30,000 people are all trying to board the same train.


  • You need the mainline station.

    This will be my 5th FLM usually aim to be at the the start between eight and eight thirty.

    Any longer it gets a bit boring and you dont want to be their too early if its raining, there isnt much  shelter.

     Hope this helps.   

  • Am I right in assuming that there will be multiple trains then?  Just a matter of getting on one by the usual shoving people out of the way you get on the Underground!?

    Is there nothing going on at the start area then like music, displays or anything?

    Even if it is raining, I'll have my waterproof bin bag with me and there's up to 4 hours of getting soaked still to come if it rains during the race anyway!  Can only get so wet.......

  • Loads of trains.  But recommend get there early so as not to miss amazing acrobatics+  + pole dancers + fireworks + circuses + aerial displays + open air 3D cinema + funfairs + barbeques + saunas + free bars + wildlife parks + Errrrmmm - queues for the loos??
  • It's a regular overground train. You shouldn't have any problem getting on as they start at Charing Cross. They do get crowded and some people couldn't get on at later stops last year.

    I personally wouldn't want to be there more than an hour, and that's plenty - just in case of delays. You don't need to do much warm up and you don't want to get too cold, or too hot.

    6am seems way too early and I'd spend more time sleeping or just relaxing in the hotel. You might want to tune into 5Live, to see if they are reporting any transport problems. 

  • Will be up at 3am to erect and set the clocks around the course and then to the start  area to do the same. When all is done I can join in and run. So I will not be bored. Just get there in enough time to make sure you put your bags on the baggage busses and relax and enjoy the day...
  • Thats useful info. i'm staying Russell square. Planned to walk to holburn then get DLR from bank. Think that was what i decided.   But now i'm not sure...might just.....
  • There will be plenty of trains from Charing Cross (I use it every day!). I wouldnt go too early. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Please though make sure you get the right train. Greenwich Line for the red start and Blackheath/Bexleyheath line for the Blue start. There will be plenty of annoncements at Charing Cross. I know this sounds strange, but we have some new trains on these lines and they DO NOT have toilets on them! so you may need to have a 20p coin for the station loos.
  • Hi there, I'm staying at Southwark Hol Inn about 4-5 miles from Greenwich, put the info into TRAINTIMES and it tells me that I should take the Gillingham (Kent) rail station onto Blackheath for the blue start. Can either get there at 8.08 or 8.16 Will need to call hotel I think as it just says on website that the underground is near the hotel doesn't say anything about the overground rail stations.. Thanx for the advice from previous FLM's esp if you are from London aswell image
  • Am not sure where Southwark holiday inn is but if it is near southwark tube station you can get tube to London Bridge and then get the overground train to the start, tmes in mag.

  • Am not sure where Southwark holiday inn is but if it is near southwark tube station you can get tube to London Bridge and then get the overground train to the start, tmes in mag.

  • For all you non-Londoners coming to invade our city image here's a site that may help you:


  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    Southwark tube is also the same entrance as Waterloo East station - from where you can get the overland trains to either Blackheath or Greenwich - not much point getting tube to London Bridge?

    From the Southwark Holiday Inn you are pretty much between Charing X and Waterloo East stations though - and heading to Charing X might give you the best chance of getting on without too much hassle? Head along the southbank and then cross over the footbridge near the festival hall - probably signposted - about 15 mins walk in total?

  • I'll probably leave home about 4am and I'm not even runningimage 

  • Hi

    I'm coming up from Southampton the day before and staying in Chiswick image Any ideas on a best time and route for me to leave in the morning seeind as I'm t/other side of London...image

  • the transport for London site is really good for journey planning - see above Little engineimage
  • for southwark holiday inn, as Gladrags mentioned you can enter Waterloo East station from Southwark underground station entrace. On race day, there are trains from Waterloo East to Blackheath. You can follow the crowd! Or you could walk or take the underground to Charing Cross or London Bridge. The most of the trains start at Charing Cross, it may be easier to get into.

    From Chiswick, take the underground to Charing Cross or London Bridge, and take the overground trains to start. I don't think it will take more than 30 to 45 min to reach the overground stations from chiswick.

  • Thanx for the replies folks, got info from that journey planner which was great and combined with the info on here, that should be plenty image 

  • hi everyone, on reading all the posts about the tubes and what time do you set off on the Sunday morning, I'm still in a panic about getting to the start on time. I'm staying in Kings Cross but having trouble working out what trains to catch, Can anyone help me please.
  • Simple - Northern Line underground to Embankment which is literally down the road (or rather Villiers Street) from Charing Cross Station. 
  • Hi, more help required please.

    I am staying in the Travelodge Docklands, I think East India DLR is the nearest station. What is the best way to get there?

    I have had a look at the journey planner and seems to involve trains and buses and looks a bit complicated.... Appreciate any advice

  • According to hotel website it is only 200 metres from the DLR stop!!!
  • Sorry I was not very clear. I wanted some advice getting from East India DLR to Marathon Start at Blackheath. It probably is really obvious...
  • According to map you get the DLR at East India, then change at Poplar for DLR stop at Greenwich.  It is about 1.5 miles to Blackheath, but I am sure there will be a lot of company on the way!!  There might be a slightly shorter route, but panic not, the journey will not be as complicated as it seems, and once you are actually at the hotel I am sure you will be able to get plenty of advice re travel.  Good luck.

  • Thank you for your advice and good luck to you too
  • Vicky,

     I'm staying at Travel Inn at Becton at the end of the DLR - normally get the DLR aroun 7.15, up to Poplar, get off and get DLR back to Blackheath along with hundreds of others.

    Then , depening on your start , depends which station you get off at - but its crystal clear in terms of signposts, marshalls etc...

    Just leave plenty of time, better there early than late eh ?

    Enjoy ...

  • Vicky, i've stayed twice at the docklands travelodge.Like BBB says get off early enough & there's no problem. There's plenty of runners leaving from the hotel so there's little chance of getting the wrong train, It's about a mile walk to the start though, so it is worth starting out early. Good choice of hotel.

    All the best . 

  • Thanks for everyones advice looks like it should be fairly straightforward.

    Can anyone suggest anywhere to eat the night before? I have had a look for somewhere that sells pasta but could not really find anywhere nearish. Canary Wharf had a few places but did not look like they opened on Saturday.I have the added problem that my friend wants to watch the West Brom game at 5.20...

  • Vicky, there's a restaurant in the hotel that serves food in the evening. You can also have a Pizza delivered to your room. What i did last year was to pop over to the expo ( it's only a few stops on the DLR) & have the pasta party. which is good value for a fiver.
  • Remember though that the Expo closes at 5p.m. which might be a bit early.   
  • Check the TFL site in advance for any engineering works, if there is work due on the Tube lines they tend to schedule it at the weekends.
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