Porthkerry Plod 5



  • Did I ever say I was......?  image    I raced today image
  • How did you get on? The results are delayed.  I took my son for a sponsored walk along the route later today.
  • Hmm I sort of knew I was asking too much of myself as I pb'd only 3 weeks ago so was 16 seconds outside my pb today image. Hope you and your boy enjoyed the walk, it was a lovely day for it.
  • Hey all...Just in from work. Che i'll call you about 9.30ish. Will you tell me all I need do....dont wanna be the weak link marshall! Oh and Nam and Barking I bought Jelly Babies on my way home.  Not sure if i'll catch you before the start but rest assured i'll be cheering you on! Only problem now is how to stay dry - I dont have any umbrella's at the moment! 5 Hoodies should do it image Is parking easy by the way? I usually just park in the first place on the right hand side as you drive down into the park....
  • PJ - You might need a portakabin too as this lot could be out there all night imageimage
  • Plod_Jones wrote (see)
    Oh and Nam and Barking I bought Jelly Babies on my way home. 
    You star!!  image
  • Stupid question:  I've been to Porthkerry Park a couple of times...  When you drive through the main entrance you drive down the hill... then there is a carpark on the right...  or you can drive a bit further and there is a car park where there are benches and tables.  Which is closer to the start??  image
  • PQ wrote (see)
    PJ - You might need a portakabin too as this lot could be out there all night imageimage
    you wait until I run into you missy... image
  • Eek no idea...ermm as I dont know where the start is! *goes back to where Barking typed the whole route out*

    Hows the chest?

  • http://www.kris.1000lecie.pl/delsolpics/Honda%20CRX%20del%20Sol%20eurospec%20red%20fsv%20high%201998.jpg

    Can someone keep an eye out for my car and wave frantically when I'm in the right place...

    Please imagine with roof ON considering the weather forecast... image

  • PJ I'll mail you my mobi number - text me so I have yours in case I can't find the bliddy place... image
  • start open grassland in the middle of the park ...level surface. - thats what the start of Barkings route directions say...so I guess the car parks will be pretty much equidistant.  What kit you wearing tomorrow Nam?
  • PJ, I'll spaek to you in the morning, yes park at the place on the right.

    PQ, yes a lovely day in the sunshine. Save yournext pb for the Ty Hafan 5.

     Nam both car parks equidistant from start but the further one (with the benches) is nearer the finish

  • ok sure no problem Do it via facebook if ya want

  • Having never explored the whole park I don't have much of a concept of where the middle is... LOL...

    First carpark... I can do that...

    I'm quite tempted to stick my pirate top on over something long sleeved, so the rescue helicopter can see me better... image

    PJ you have mail via RW & FB

  • off to bed ladies... see you in the morning...  image
  • Where can I buy an umbrella first thing on a Sunday morning image
  • Good morning, what lovely weather for it!
  • Yep - a teeny bit wet here in the big City.  I'm on my way.

    Bring it on!image

  • You're on your way at 07:39???  Have I underestimated the journey????  image
  • on my way in next 5 mins - have to fin dthe place!!!
  • Waiting for TT to arriive...

    >drums fingers<

  • Hey image

    How you feeling? I'm off in a little bit...looking forward to seeing a race from a different side!  I shall have Jelly Babies at the ready!

  • >wibble<
  • You'll be great...see you there (i'll be the one looking like a drowned rat)
  • I'm back! Well done to everyone who ran today.

    Barking what a wicked effort - you did so well!

    Nice to meet you Daz and Che.

    Was nice to do something different on a sunday morning image

  • Just got back home to sunny Llantwit Major after this cracking little race.
    A real gem of a runners race!

    Hope you all enjoyed it!!!image

  • Well done everyone today.

    I DNFd quietyly about half way round with a respiratory rate that went from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Guess I shouldn't have started in the first place, still being on antibiotics, but had to try.

    What a fantastically organised race though!!  Really big slap on the back for the organisers.  Loads of marshalls who actually tell you where to go rather than just say well done and leave you clueless. 

    Not an easy race I've got to say.  I'll definetely will be there again next year, hopefully fit and well.  image

    Well done to Barking who could have finished much faster had she not walked bits with me.

    Thank you also to the t-shirt and goodie bag peeps.  I did say "I dnf's I don't deserve one" but they gave me one anyway, which I thought was very sweet.

  • Well done anyway Nam..was best to have stopped if it wasn't right rather than make yourself really bad.

    We've got the Barry 5K next! Bring it on image

  • more feckin hills... image
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