Porthkerry Plod 5



  • Well 1st post on here so hello everyone!

     Looking to do this as my 1st event in about two and half years. Currently struggling on 3 to 4 miles.

    So if you see a fat bloke huffing and puffing on the hills give me a shout.


  • J.B

    Hang in there!
    If you can run a mile,you can run a thousand!

    Set yourself a realistic goal.Talk about it.Seek advice.
    Then just go out and do it!!!

    With you all the way!!!image

  • Hello JB.. Go for it.. That`s how I started, this will be only my 4th event, I have only been running since October.. Getting faster all the time. see you there. image
  • Hi JB

    You can huff and puff at the back with me image

    Yes Nam dear, but you did 6+ the other day....you could end up draggin me rather a lot image

  • Er... hun thos were 6 very flat miles with lots of little stops for crossing roads, pedestrian crossings, letting cars past and the steepest hill being Cathays Terrace (>>snort<<), so I reckon these 5 will take me AT LEAST as long if not longer... image

    I'll huff at the back!!  image

  • Woo hoo we can have a "huffing at the back club"

    Im in


  • Thanks for the comments.

    Done a few events in my time (Corus Wesh runs 2004 & 2005, 2004 Cardiff Half marathon and a couple of inter works things) but sort of forgot about things for the last 2 years. Just getting back into it and finding 3 miles a slog.

    I need to just get on with it I know.

    Best foot forward etc.


  • Hmm i'm still tempted by this... not sure about hills though! Plus I dont have any XC trainers.....
  • Got my number...  183...

    Guess I'm committed now...  image

    Hi Katie....  I'm fine, Barking is too... Praying for nice weather for London... not too hot but no rain...  I reckon waterlogged Rio's costume would be quite heavy.

    Barking and I did the Cancer Canter on Sunday which didn't go very well for me at all, thanks to my neighbour ringing me out of bed at 3:45am pished as a fart, asking for her spare door key which I keep for her.  Then couldn't get back to sleep for ages... then slept in and ran it on no food...  it was freezing....  joints sore from all the standing around in the cold, but then overheating at 3k...  nightmare...

    Next race can only be better... 

  • Oh no sorry to hear that image Guess thats why you werent at club tonight? First time back @ Bute Park which was good.  How did Barking do? I think we might have a runner for life in our midsts image

     Wish I was coming on Sunday to support everyone, too late to plan now though.  Me and Sarah from club are going to be applying online for next year on Sunday (I think I must be mad!).  Hope the weather holds out for everyone, especially Rio.

    So Porthkerry is your next? What you got after? I'm doing the Barry 5K, then the Llanelli 10K.  Think i'll give this one a miss, got a few niggles at the moment that I dont want to develop.

  • I dont think I get out of this one that easily......... image

    I hope you arent referring to me as a "runner" - LMAO

    Maybe we should all apply online for FLM - then can do it in 5 years time when finally get in

    Never to late to plan to go KJ - I havent ooked tickets or anything yet, but hoping I will manage to get my backside there - if I can work out how the hell I will find my way around London on my tod!

    And Nam - it wasnt that bad image  I think you did great.  I would have died by 2km if you werent pacing

  • What time did you guys do it in? 

     I'm gonna apply through the ballot and then if I dont get it run for the Alzheimer's Society.  The only thing then is as well as the challenge of running 26.2 miles, I have to raise £2000 for them - a feat in itself!

  • Oh are we back at Bute Park??  I sent Barking to Roath!!  Sorryyyy!!!!  image
  • Hmm just realised I have pretty much eaten my way through a whole bag of Penn State Pretzels today...they are my snack of choice image  Just as well I did those tree reps tonight at club!
  • I killed a bag of Doritos last night!  image  But I never moved off the sofa...
  • Yeah back at Bute Park now for the summer. Last time I was there I was running round dressed as Santa image
  • I've probably got good chances of coming last in the Plod but hey ho...  I'm sure I've checked last years times but I forgot what it said...   image
  • Just checking....

    LOL... James Thie flew home in 27:13.... image  Have you ever seen him run??  He's awesome to watch!!

    Last peeps home 67:28 last year....  mmm....

    If it's hilly it could well take me 58-60 mins... image

  • Just do the best ya can.  I expect i'd have a good chance of being last too.  Remember you'll be doing way more than most people are doing on their Sunday morning so you should be proud of yourself!
  • It's frustrating... It's taking so much longer to get back to normal than I expected... image  but hey... so what if I come last... somebody has to... image
  • I think I put an expected time of 1hr 15 on the entry


  • PSML... now I'm sure it won't be THAT bad??!!!  imageimage

    Do I need to bring ropes for the hills??

  • Exactly Nam, plus they usually get the biggest cheer!  I'm sure you wont be though.  Well if I dont run this one I'll be sure to come cheer you both along, not far from where I am, and Porthkerry Park is where I did my first ever bit of training for RFL - two years ago.  image

    In other news....I have a creaky toe.  My Dad (Doctor) says it's probably tendonitis...feels really wierd...ever had it before?

  • KJ there 's no chance you'd be last...  when we run you always pull away from us and by the time we've done 3k I can't see you anymore!!! image
  • Dunno... everything creaks with me... my ankles, my knees...
  • LOL well on the flat is one thing...but I have very little experience of hills and XC.  Kinda figure i'd need to buy some XC trainers to do this one?  Still tempted to enter and tag along with you two - scared of hills though!!!
  • I'm petrified cos got badly misled by the name "Plod"... but I'll have to do it now so you may as well keep my company in my suffering... or wait for us at the end and make a cup of tea... (more likely!)...
  • I dont have XC shoes.

    COme and plod some coast path image

  • Will see how I go in the next week or so. Oh before I forget there is no club next week...but some of the girls are meeting just to do a run round Bute Park if you fancy it. 
  • this weekend is out because of FLM...  the next weekend I'm marshalling a duathlon in Tredegar on the saturday but can do the sunday for a porthkerry training session... image
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