Porthkerry Plod 5



  • LOL!  I might be able to be persuaded...i'm such a wimp sometimes though!

     Right just seen the time - eeek!  Off to bed...but see you on this thread sometime this week.

     Night to both of you x

  • night x
  • Hello

    Sorry i woosed out and went to bed

    So no club on Monday? Must remember that.
    *engraves forehead*

    I can do this saturday.....but not at all following weekend as I am on a revision course, trying to learn something to scrape my sorry arse through finals

  • trying to learn something to scrape my sorry arse through finals

    Thigh bone connected to the hip bone<via ligaments, muscle and blood vessals>


  • Barking some of the girls are still meeting up for a little plod round the park (behind the castle)  But I wont be there (obviously) image
  • Adds TT teaching to list of things to remember


    Rio - why not? image

  • did anyone find out where it starts from?
  • NAM i,m from  llantrisant.answer to your previous question.
  • Umm yes - I had my race number and onfo sheet thingmy the other day

    In a car park in porthkerry park......I will dig it our and post something a bit more helpful, honest image

    Have you entered Neil, or are you entering on the day (do you want full directions or will you be getting them?)

  • Hi Everyone,

          I have entered and just had the race info, do I need to get some cross trainers or are my road shoes good enough. There are lots of comments about Mud...Slippery Underfoot I'm starting to panic now I have my race number and it's only my 2nd event.


  • You can slide around the back with me... image
  • Ooooh err Mrs ! image
  • The race that will be known as "half the Sodbury Slog" image
  • Filthy mare TT dunno how you cope with her image
  • I am still waiting for my race pack.. Anyone know how many runners to date?
  • Wow.........what an offer. I will be at the back.

  • Its now ot only the "huffing at the back club" - its the "huffing and sliing about in the mud at the back club"

    Bring it on!

    Although the way I have been running this week it will takeme all day - and for some reason the uiversity have booked me on a course that weekend - cue emails left, right ad cetre, desperatly trying to get it changed!

  • i,ll be entering on the day ,is there a portcode so that i can use sat nav?
  • cant help you there.. still waiting for my number.. .
  • No postcode I dont thinl

    Will have another look

  • I looked on Google Earth for the location. Looks easy enough to find.
  • Did you try google Neil?? It will give you the long / lat co-ordinates for Portkerry Park and enter those into your sat nav.
  • From the bumf (in short)-

    Park is on West side of Barry, between Barry and the airport

    Follow signs to airport along A4226 Port Road

    From Cardiff - after Tesco on right, next roundabout --> left (Pontypridd road).  Down dip, through lights, up and over hill, turn right into St Salisbury Road.  Follow to end, entrance to park is on the right

    From Barry town centre - park is off Park road

    From Llantwit direction - pass the airport towards Barry.  Once passed Cwm Ciddy pub you will need to turn right at the next roundabout onto Pontypridd road, then follow directions as above.

    Facilities are limited.  NO changing rooms.  Toilets at the car park near the finish area. Cafe on site will be open.  Car parking is limited - car share where possible.  Charges apply after 10am but as race starts at 10am this "should cause no worries"

     The rest of the blurb is about the course route - but I am assuming we are not being expected to learn it!  They do reiterate it is "multiterrain" and may be slippery and recommend off road shoes or cross trainiers.

    Ah well, road shoes for me it is
    I am really quite scared about this - realised my longest run is only just over 4 (flat) miles....


  • Barking

    Have no fear!. The worst part of the raceis coming back down into Porthkerry Park from the caravan park at the top of the climb from the start.
    There are quite a few exposed tree roots and you may also find some less thoughfull runners will barge past you in the hopes of making for a quick time.
    Just grit your teeth and hold on!

    All other runners note
    The cafe at the finish hasn't improved since last year! The teas and coffees ar horrible!
    Bring a flask!!image

  • Thanks to my post-Mudchute chest infection I've not run all week, so it's going to be the slowest 5 miles inhistory for me...

    >>coughs, splutters<<



  • Had the same problem Nam..  Seems like there`s  a lot of it about, managed to get back running on Thursday, surprised how tired my legs got after not running for a week or so.

  • It's really not pretty...  I haven't felt this lousy in a long time!!  It started off with a sore throat, turned into a proper phlegmy chest infection with high temperature, and now seems to be phasing out via very snotty nose and general fatigue.  I doubt very much I'll get more than one run in before the race, so prepared to come last.  image
  • Will fight you for last Nam...think I am going down with it image

    Andy - thanks for that - I will start at the back and then noone to overtake me image

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