Porthkerry Plod 5



  • "multiterrain course.....about(?!) 5 miles.....figure of 8.....can be slippery......start open grassland in the middle of the park ...level surface.

    Follow tree line to the edge of the field, over stream, along sea's edge.   Right turn into woods, first big hill (!), may be little muddy

    Woodland path to within sight of fort....therefore skirt edge of this field, there will be signs and marshalls

    On leaving this field, through Porthkerry caravan park out onto road which meets ring road around airport perimeter.  Turn right, stay on pavement.

    Section lasts 400m, then diverts off to right, downhill, road takes you past Egerton Grey hotel.  Road ends, joins trail, under viaduct, then onto short section of road before down grass bank onto open grassland

    Under another railway bridge, then climb through some other woods - quite steep - on top of the hill, round some fields - surface and gradient vary, mostly good underfoot

    Course now exits park through gateway, sharp right through kissing gate, short sharp drop, another right turn onto tarmac path through valley, path soon becomes earth track as it circles back towards park

    Back across road to get back onto main field, back along edge of the woods to the finish"

    Sounds long!
    There is a map too, it means nothing to me - I am assuming it will be signed and I dont need it and a compass!

  • ooohhh I better be well for this....  image
  • ok, if I'm at all fit enough, I'll start right at the back of the pack and just slooowly plod along, just aiming to finish...  image
  • Nam - less of a "falling apart" and more of a "gluing together"


  • Oi - Back is supposed to be my place image
  • Eeek sounds very XC!! I obviously only know a little bit of Porthkerry Park.  Hmm might feel a bit sad on Sunday actually... last time I was there I was with my fave person ever and we're not in a good place at the moment image

  • Yeah like for the first km.... image
  • Sorry to hear that PJ...  image  Is it reconcilable?
  • You dont know how slowly I did my 4.5 yesterday, Nam! image 

    I figure it will be a very (very very very) soft pB for whenever I next do a 5 miler image
    And hopefully it will be a bit of a benchmark of where I am and how far off 10k etc I am

    (((PJ))) that dont sound good chuck image

  • I dont know....it's all v up in the air at the moment. Kinda had an upsetting conversation tonight on the phone, she needs space etc etc. It's kinda complicated. I'm kinda losing my fight for it all though, things shouldnt have to be this hard. 

    Was feeling very sorry for myself but I only have to come online and look at posts on the forum (eg Mick n Phil) to remind myself of how lucky i've got it in my life.  Plus Wagamama (ever been there?) emailed me to say I have got a pair of preview tickets to their restaurant opening in the Bay this weekend.

    Suffice to say I shall be keeping my head down into work and running to keep my spirits up.

    Whatever will be will be I guess image

  • I'm wondering whether to use my Trailfoxes or my Salomons....  image  My Salomons have more grip (more XC) - my Trailfoxes are more nimble (more trail).... neither of them are great on roads...  How much of it is road?
  • Aw PJ image ... as a big believer in'space' myself sometimes its not necessarily bad news... sometimes its just easier to work things out and have a little ponder on my own? 
  • (((PJ)))
    sometimes stuff that is hard work is worth fighting for
    and sometimes stuff that seems awful at the time turns out differently/better/unexpected in the long run
    everything has a reason and all that
    sounds like you have a good way of looking at it/life
    still not a good place to be x

    Nam - dunno - never been there
    Im hurricances or hurricaines.....(or else mucking up yourKs!)

  • Yeah exactly..plus it's good to focus on other stuff...esepcially work.  Am doing props on a brand new show and am going to be very busy. 

    In other news just moved upstairs with my laptop and my R knee has decided to start complaining about the speedwork I did earlier - ouch!

  • ICE!!

    what do you do PJ?
  • I remember last summer...  one of my first sessions and she did 1min on flat out - one minute recovery....  imageimageimage
  • Just doing speedwork tonight @ club I think.  Am wondering if I need to get checked out in my trainers...keep getting the odd niggle. I haven't done anywhere near enough mileage for them to be worn out yet but maybe somethings up...

    Yup Nam....the speedwork is horrible.  Only thing that keeps me going is the hope that one day I might get a bit faster!!!

  • lol I meant what do you do when you aint running image

    Badly worded, sorry, I am sleepy

  • Oh i'm an Assistant Stage Manager for Welsh National Opera. Running round backstage and stuff.... image I absolutely love it image
  • PJ, your niggles are probably not the shoes but "overstriding" during speedwork...  Try to turn over your legs faster whilst keeping your stride a bit shorter.  That way you keep your impact more in line in that makes sense....

    google "overstriding" sometime..  I can't explain it very well image

  • Cool thanks for the advice Nam...that would make sense... I do increase my stride length alot when I a running full pelt image
  • It's to do with the line of impact when you heel strike...  i.e. if your heel slams down way ahead of your knee and hips the shock is absorbed much less well than keeping your legs largely under your hips. image  And the knees really get it...

    Off to bed. Night girls. x

  • Night all xx
  • Oooo PJ thats really really cool!

    I used to SM for stuff at school and the local theatre company....then I moved over and did LX and SFX....then I SM for a big town school production jobbie from an executive position in the box - we had radios and everything - great fun image

    Nam knows what shes talking about there....I do it too on the rare occassion that I get my legs shifting at over 12mm

    Sleep well both x

  • Same here J.B. entered weeks ago and still waiting. If nothing arrives today will get in touch with them to see what`s up. Probably pick up number on the day now, though would have prefered to have had the race pack.
  • Panic over.. Number in the post today... image
  • Barking, Nam, ,PJ et al, I'm marshalling on Sunday, it's a great route.  I'll let you know where I'll be standing so you can wave (or just puff past and I'll wave).  Barking, what do you do (when you're not running)?


  • I'll be there, will enter on the day!  image
  • If I'd have thought earlier I could have marshalled.  Ah well...I'll be there with my coffee and jelly babies!

  • does anyone want jelly babies?
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