Porthkerry Plod 5



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  • *note to self - make sure not walking between 3.25 and 3.75 miles*
  • PJ you can find Rio in my mates list too image
  • Ah cool... Hmm no emails yet but heard on another thread that it was being slow tonight...
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    night all x

  • You have mail - PJ
  • Number & details came in the post the other day. All ready to go now and hoping for half decent weather on the day.

    hope it all goes well and I'm not last!


  • So looks like nam will be running.

    On reflection i will not run. 2 races back to back this week and need to be fresh fresh fresh for tuesday as TTing for my club. Want to make a damm good showing!

  • Is it just me who is slightly worried about this 'multi-terrain' business? I can actually see myself sliding back down mountains in my overrated 'road' trainers!! oh well, i'm looking forward to my first crack at the Porthkerry Plod! My expectation of a half decent time has been put on the backburner due to the hills!
  • LOL... My expectation of a half decent time has been put on the backburner to to being incapacitated! 
  •  'multi-terrain' business

    its not fell its not x-country, don't worry. When your up to your knees in mud and climbing rather than worrying then you wonder WTF!

  • Forcast for Sunday is light showers.. Dont mind that.. Prefer it to being hot. Looking forward to it now will be my 4th race, the first I have done which is close to home.
  • mmm...  I'll have to think twice if it' raining... Can't afford another week off work with a chest infection... image
  • You should still be thinking twice anyway image
  • i'll have to be careful if its raining, don't wanna slip and fall! lol!

     i'm looking forward to it though, i've only ever done road races (which is still my preferred option nevertheless!) but fancy a change! haven't done ANY running since July last year mind...could be an issue!

  • I have only done 1 road race.. 10k end of last month.. Just been looking at the times from last year, there were some pretty quick runners there.. Hope they sleep late this year!!.. lol
  • Rio!! (www.bmycharity.com/littlemissnaughty) wrote (see)
    You should still be thinking twice anyway image

    First thought: image

    Second thought: image

  • as long as i run a PB i'll be happy! i've never run a 5 miler before so i'll be happy!

     i originally targeted sub 35mins, but looking at the results from last year i'll be happy going sub 40.

  • That`s about what I am hoping for.. The other races I have run all have been 10 miles plus. Apart from the 10 k last month. so at the moment everytime I set is a Pb .
  • i ran a great wales 10k last year in 51mins and am about a stone lighter and a great deal fitter nowadays, will definitely be planning on smashing that this july! but having not run since then (literally!) it will be fun to see how much 9 months of hard gym training affects my running!
  • Plan A - get around

    Plan B - aim to get round in under 1hr 15

    Plan Z - aim under an hour image

    Hadnt run since sunday until today and felt really stupidly hard work to do 1.5 miles
    On my knees atm

    Dont worry - I am going to be at the back
    And sliding in road shoes image

    If its raining and you even contemplate running I will hang, draw and quarter you young lady
    Running outdoors isnt the best way to restart exercise, anyway, but in dodgy weather...

  • Will you keep me company? image
  • PS I just bought a wetsuit!! image
  • Depends if you are ft to do it!

    Actually, depends if I am fit to do it - took me 20mins to do 1.5miles tonight....

  • oh bullocks to time...  I'll just treat it as a plod not race...  is best I can do at the moment...
  • hmmmm

    *peers down nose with the aim of doing intimidating "over glasses schoolteacher" look at Nam and failing dismally*

  • i shall be making an appearance - and will be signing copies of my latest book "my struggle with a 16 inch pizza and cheese and chips(and a bottle of wine)" at the finish line!

    is it exactley 5 miles or can i claim an obscure pb for 4.88 miles or whatever?

  • LOL, no idea Mr Phil.  I'm assuming it's 5 miles... image
  • It will be a PB for me either way image
  • Sooooo.... image

    Shall I or shan't I...?

    Weather forecast shows rain for 10am... image

    It's one thing running it on a nice day and quite another getting drenched within a few days of getting over a chest infection?  image

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