Please SPONSOR Mick n Phil

Dear Fellow Runners & Outside world

Please help us !!

Would you please be kind enough to help Mick n Phil by sponsoring us what ever little you can

Phillip is a young adult now, and his Weekly allowance from the state is not great, I used to claim for him as a child, but now he’s moved to adult hood, his allowance is considerably less,

I Mick ,am trying desperately hard to give Phillip a life to the full, we get about 40 weeks a year to compete in our treasured sport, and in that time we can do up to 55 races !! - without my support to him, he will have nothing
Running pushing my Phillip in his wheelchair has given me my life back, and given him a super life in the great out-doors
Please tell everyone, your family, your friends, your bosses, any business men, anyone who has a few quid to chuck away

We do not smoke, drink or gamble, ( we promise you ) any monies received ,will be gratefully received , and will go towards our Road racing

With your generosity we can continue to run and race


  • If you go to our NEW website at

    You will see on the front page at the top right hand corner a Donation button

    We wish you all well,


    Mick ,Phil & Mrs Mick

  • Yes it should read

  • Mick, KK is right

    make sure this is properly set up to mnimise any risk to yourself or the money

    Good luck  image
  • Wouldn't it be better approaching manufacturers for free kit, or race organisers for free entries?
  • will this effect any benefits recieved ??????
  • What're the tax implications for you ?
  • Mick. Get set up as a registered charity to protect youself legally.....


    Having done this people who do donate will be able to opt for 'Gift Aid' if they pay tax.

    This means the government will give you around an extra 28p for every £1 donated that has been marked by the donator for 'gift aid'.

    This will make a tremendous amount of difference to you without costing the donator a penny more.

    eg. £10 donation = £12.80 to the charity.

    Giood Luck and keep us up to date.

  • OK everyone

     i am asking you all now please

     can someone advise us what to do, how where etc  PLEASE 

  • Mick, G has a charity and the money can only be obtained through two of the three trustees this way I can't drink it all down the pubimage

    by the way neither GM or I are Trustees if anyone was think thatimage

  • Thanks all

    busy, busy, busy - what a couple of days it's been
    will be lookig at all this info

  • Just to let you all know

    I AM going to telephone the Charities Trust tomorow or soon as i can to tell them what i wish to do, and how's best do it

    that way we'll make it legal etc

    that's best i must agree
  • Sponsor Mick n Phil

    Hello everyone

    today i have spoken to Charities commision, and Institute of fund raising -

    They have both looked at our web site, and seen our PAYPAL donate button

    They have both agreed that we are doing nothing illegal,

    we CANNOT have a registered charity etc, like Just giving for tax exemption etc apparently -

    and it is NOT illegal as we are receiving charitalbe donations, it is NOT a JOB

    it will NOT affect our DWP benefits

    they have suggested that we -

    open a seperate bank account, and keep all receipts as proof of purchases etc

    and they have also suggested that we keep you all in formed of what we do etc

    SO PLEASE help us ( stay on the road running ) by sponsoring us

    we will be so immencely greatful

    those that already have THANKYOU
  • Please be so kind and sponsor us, to help keep us running 50 plus races a year

     Thank you


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