nice marathon

Anyone done this?


  • Do you mean the Nice-Cannes one, or just a nice one?  image
  • Well if it's Nice-Canne no one has because the first one is this November.
  • Ah, didn't realise it was the first - thanks!
    In that case, anyone doing it?
  • Oui!  Moi!

     Hello chaps!  How's training going then?

  • Rach !!!!!!!  image
  • I shall be supporting a couple of chums image

    There is another thread here on this. 

  • Hello sweetness, how are you?

    Doing the Nice-Cannes or is a marathon too small-fry for you these days?  image

  • We were in Nice in June ... did you see me?   image
  • No alas.  I'm a Parisienne!. Did you have fun then?
  • in as much fun as one can have in an Ironman  !

    Hows you anyway,  not seen you in these parts for a while?
  • Brilliant fun, alors!  Congratulations!  Did you get the tattoo???  image

     I'm well thanks sweetness.  Running lots.  I hang out on Frenchie forums these days but a little bird told me that my good friends Jelly & Wilkie were over here.  It'll be great to catch up in person on marathon weekend!

    So what's next on the agenda now you've done your Ironman? 

  • I have finished two,  started three and have my fourth next year  image

  • Brilliant!!!

    So you've got lots of tattoos by now then?  image

  • lol, I had thought of a whole line ala seamed stocking effect but just the one will do I think !
  • Well again, congratulations.  I'm really impressed!  Time to cook little one some dinner so bye for now.  Hope to chat again soon!  x
  • No alas.  I'm a Parisienne!. Did you have fun then?
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