The real FEEL GOOD factor

Hello everyone - Mick here from mick n phil

i'm not really sure if there is a  FEEL GOOD FACTOR  thread, but i hope through constant gentle training that  you feel good

 why don't you tell everyone in your own words HOW GOOD you actually feel , and how you get there,  

you never know it MAY just help others -

 tell it as it is, in your own way,  don't worry about spellings, don't worry if it's only a little contribution, it's about YOU

Running, isn't just about putting one foot in front of the other, it also involves physchogical stamina as well

why not share your good feeling ahh !!!   image


  • i had some years gap between my marathons cos of Philip's illness

    so, in a way, i had to start all over again, only this time would be different and difficult, would there be any victories, any jubilations, would i get any pleasure out of it , MANY thought NOT

    me, old Mick, i thought Yah, EASY- but lets go get some FEEL good shall we

    so - My first marathon WITH Phillip

    me, Mick, how it made me feel

    what do you think - i'm still running all those years later

    have i got a FEEL GOOD FACTOR ,oohh, i should say

    it CAN change your WHOLE life

    and when i embarked on Me and Phil's duo 1st marathon in June 2002 , people said it could'nt be done

    BUT oh it could AND still is being done currently on 27 marathons pb of 4.03

    it left me feeling on top of the world, physically and mentally immortal , with pride for ever, - the pain was temporary, It changed my whole life

    if there's such a thing to change your WHOLE life, it is the FEEL GOOD FACTOR

    I cannot even begin to explain what it's done for me

    from the depths of suicidal hell , and pure despair, it left me with an appetite for going through an immence pain barrier over and against all the odds - to achieve an apetite of self discipline and self motivation,

    it left me with a lust so perfect , that very little if anything was going to stop us, we embarked on a journey, so magical , feeling just so good,

    I'm 50 shortly, and feeling so sweet , things that used to interupt my life, i treat withy utter contempt

    it's given me such a bond with my disabled son, it's all inspired me so much that i can basically just do what ever i choose to do ,

    i'm just so lost for words - but if any of you fellow runners have my FEEL GOOD FACTOR, then boy you'll know your fit and in charge

    go out there in that world and spread the word that feel good cannot be bought, you have to push for it

  • People are viewing - but are so very quiet !!

     can we assume that very few have the feel good factor then !

    we get around 40 weeks a year to compete

    we can run around 50 -55 races in that time, simply by picking and choosing at will and random

    wishing you all well


  • its all about the feel good factor - couldnt agree more Phil - image
  • Mick,    This outpouring of emotion, not terrible british is it image

    Feelgood factor for me seems a simple thing but has been a bit of a pyschological barrier for me.   

    Giving up smoking after too, too  many years (over 20)  image  on the evil weed.   Giving up is the easy bit, its staying off them forever thats hard.  Getting back running, and focussing on getting a sub 50min 10k time is far more motivational to me then any "stop smoking tips" 

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Getting fit (ish) again after 10 years of not proper running, smoking and drinking like a fish and getting another pb on sunday at the Hastings 1/2m, now that felt REALLY good image.  Now I'm focusing on quitting smoking so I can get my 1/2m time down to that magic 2 hours, so far its been 2:34-brighton, 2:24, Tunbridge Wells and 2:18 Hastings.  pretty sure I can hit that target if I can ditch the fags, boy, that'll be a feel GREAT factor!
  • 60 Minutes on the track

    Hi everyone

    Today i had a little think to myself - we've achieved a lot, and i was tired and sore from Shakespeare marathon yesterday - so in actual fact, i had not planned on running again until next Sunday's Exeter GWR HM - and of course we have Silverstone 10k next Tuesday and DK 10k next Wednesday

    but during a quiet day today, doing what i had to do, i was sitting have coffee and biscuits and reading teletext and the post arrived - in the post was our June's Runners World - wondering what the Awards write up would be like, i studied it all, and to my amazement we also had a picture on page 5 - then i read the awards section

    i then thought of stratford AC on the track tonight, but i'm too sore i thought - and cannot go next week, as Phillp's in respite next week, only coming out for the evening races then going back

    so, my mind went to relaxing, and motivation, and continuing my never ending stamina belief and exercise, even if it's only in my mind - myself having some cool air and just doing our own thing
    ( And not Racing ) - so, to the track we went - we had 60 minutes on it, only we walked around and around, and NOT run , as we did so we were watching the others run - we gazed at the clouds, listened to the birds felt the fresh evening breeze

    we did'nt have to run to enjoy ourselves, we had a perfect walk - it would keep me physchologically motivated, it would loosen me up, and stretch my muscles - it would make me feel good

    let's face it, this is all about feeling good, dominating the face of our daily problems that are put in front of us

    so, it was just 60 minutes walking on a 400 metre track - but it kept me sane, kept me alive, it gave me so much total satisafaction

    i cannot ask for anymore than that !!
  • Exeter HM GRW

    Well, we ran our 163 rd HM at Exeter GWR in 2.14 -

    we did'nt try to race it or push the pace, we just went nice and steady and really enjoyed it all

    we chanted EASY EASY EASY a lot, we chatted, we waved, we had fun - it was most enjoyable to be running and not be concerned about what time you might finish

    so, now to Silverstone 10k Tuesday night
    and DK 10k Wednesday night

    then Tewkesbury HM on Sunday

    Lovely Jubbly
  • Feel good factor - Mum evenutally come out of the side of her bowel cancer recovered.  She was a star, (what am I supposed to do, die?) never complained.. well not much anyway image and even through the worst chemo she never gave in.. and she's a ripe old 73!

    Running for bowel cancer charities makes me image, feels like I'm giving something back for her surivival and her battle and attitude inspires me on and puts everything into perspective.

  • Our Silverstone 10k run

    On a simply wonderful Tuesday evening in May - the sun and breeze just so perfect, to perfect to believe to be honest - we ran the annual Silverstone 10k - 2 laps race

    it was scintillating, relaxing, made you feel good, a feeling of - so sorry it's over

    we met many friends and new ones as well, so many people congratulated us on our award and London marathon

    so off went the race, we were thinking do we go for it , or just have fun, we passed hundreds of runners, a bit at a time, we chanted EASY - EASY - EASY on route

    we chatted , we laughed, we passed the 5 k mark - i knew it was going to be the last part of it, i was sad, dissapointed - so we played , and had fun, we talked people through the pace barrier, we started to slow down and stop and watch the runners, just did'nt want to finish really - then at about 8.5 k - i decided to have a real party and fun, and turn around and doubled back and meet friends that we'd passed - we watched the self propelled chairs storm by

    that really did make the evening fun and interesting, not just racing all the time, BUT helping and encouraging others

    we finished in around 57 mins - though it would have been around 48 mins had we have pushed it

    It was an evening ot remember, to go out there with others to run your own run and have fun and enjoy - just what running is all about

    Tomorrow night we have DK10k

  • FEEL GOOD FACTOR - ran Lochaber marathon 10 days ago. knocked 25 minutes off my time from last year. Last year was bad - I was off work with stress and depression, not training well. A real low in my life (not what you guys have been through, but bad enough for me). So a real feel good this year to have got through the worst of that and do myself justice this year.

    Thanks for this thread - there should be more people posting their own stories on this thread. It is good to hear other peoples stories of victories, however big or small

  • Dudley Kingswindford 10k

    Tonight we ran the Dudley Kingswindford 10k - it's an undulating to hilly course which we ran in 57 mins

    We led the run off, all 1300 of them , it was another perfect evening, only this time on rural lanes, on a perfect summers night - animals grazing in the fields, birds singing their hearts out -

    Fields , hedges, trees in full bloom, white clouds in a blue sky - it was enough to remind you of the meaning of life -
    The hills made it warm, but the evening itself, ( again ) like last night, it sadly came to a quick end - we could have run for another hour

    that's it now until Sundays Tewkesbury HM, which will be our 164th HM in total - our pb is 1.43 which is held there, can we get near it - we'll see - i'm losing no sleep over it , i'll not even think about it

    I'm feeling tired obviously - but i'm relaxed, i'm happy, i'm content - i FEEL GOOD

    There a bit left in this almost 50 year old yet !!
  • Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - It was HOT

    Today we ran Tewkesbury HM in 2.12 - i can only describe it as hot, humid and sapping- sapping both physically and mentally - there was NO escape from it, and i cannot be in denial of it

    But hell, this builds stamina, this is what is needed, a challenge in life - we did'nt get to wear we are in life without challenges beyond the limitiations

    Having said that, ( Before ) i go putting myself down too much, we've had a busy week, last Sunday we had a long drive to run the warm and hilly GWR HM at Exeter- then Tuesday night we ran Silverstone 10k in 57 mins quietly, then Wednesday night we ran Hilly DK 10k in 57 mins, so perhaps my legs were heavy

    Ok, we prepared for Tewkesbury - an interesting start and finish, ( but you cannot have it always ) we set off, the slow start i think was ideal to stop anyone going off to quick

    we had NO problems getting fluid at all on route, and i was drinking lots, and spraying myself in water, but it was HOT and HUMID, both physically and mentally sapping, i really had to think deeply into my physcological and mental deep, as to what to do and how , and just settle best i could, but by then we were at 8 or 9 miles, we were on the way home,

    We'd done it ALL before, today was nothing special or different

    But, i knew from early on that any fast times were completely out - so it was - revert to fun and jog pace, but then i found people in trouble, so stopped several times to offer words of comfort and water from my bottles

    then i was on the pavements more than once - which hurt my back like hell - all of which started to sap me even,

    I freely admit, it was a hot hard run, - with ALL my experience and fitness and skill and strength , i had to OR decided bodly to revert to get there when we get there

    i was just short of 12 miles, when my wife rang my mobile to say a ambulance was emergency on route - was we ok ?? YES, i said were fine

    I found the finish tough, but satisfying, indeed it's made me think ( Mick you can still do it ) actually thinking back about things - i found the whole event satisfying, it really was the least of my problems with what every day life has thrown at me over 20 years

    so, we move onwards in life to next weeks HM , maybe we'll go on the track tomorrow night - i'm not sure yet, it depends on what my wife might think

    i do hope you all had a good day, and i'm really SORRY if things were NOT what you'd expect

    regards to all of you and take real good care - NEVER say NEVER again and or give up hope, WE could have EASILY have given up today - NOT a chance !!


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