Comment from the Marathon News: 

"One big name missing in London is, (sic) World Record holder Haile Gebrsealassie (sic), but as he only has a ninth and a did not finish from the previous five London's (sic), its (sic) safe to say there is no guarantee on his past London record with this cracking field, (sic) he would have been a factor anyway."

 Leaving aside the poor spelling and terrible use of commas and apostrophes, that strikes me as no way to talk about the world's greatest runner, no matter how cheesed off you are with him for not turning up.

Unimpressive effort from the FLM there, if you ask me.


  • Hmmm - on that record - I have a much better finishing record. Well maybe not on places, but at least I finished. Wheres my write up ?

    Wonder if he'll hear about it ?

    Did you see the kerfuffle about that runner getting upset when they printed a pic of him running with his tackle out ? V funny !
  • Hmmm makes you wonder if the smog isnt the only reason he's pulled out of Bayging marathon.
  • What moron (or possibly vindictive moron) wrote that?
  • If I got upset every time someone printed a picture of me with my tackle hanging out, I'd stop doing it.
  • I'm missing these piccies - get posting, Swerve! image
  • Er - if it's the elite runners' preview in Marathon news, then i'll think you'll find it is the same "stevemarathonrunner" who is coaching the RW dream team this year!
  • Still, the magazine has a commendably frank article on hyponatremia linked to a moving tribute to poor old David Rogers, and that little booklet about the 1908 marathon is brilliant, so I shouldn't moan too much. 

    Gebrselassie, however, has spent days standing around at the Marathon expo meeting normal mortals like me, so I don't like to see him sneered at; he ran 2:04:26 recently so don't give us this "wouldn't factor" rubbish.

  • Unimpressive effort from the FLM mob? Whodathoughtit!
  • David Rogers was great!  I could never tell from his riddles which one was Dusty Bin and which one was the holiday, though...
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