Red Face

I always get a red face when I run, and it takes hours to disappear after running, quite embarassing.

Does this go away as you get better? Or am I condemned to running early mornings to give my face time to recover or evenings where it doesn't matter?

None of my fellow runners on the towpath seemed red... 


  • If you saw me today i was beaming red like a light sabre .
  • I go bright red all round my face, except for an inch round my mouth which goes a death coloured white. Looks gawjuss!

    Don't worry about it!

  • I always go bright red.  I like to think of it as a healthy glow!
  • Hey Kwilter that sounds just like me !!

    Alicetini - as you can see you're not the only one but I'm afraid it doesn't get any better. Well I've been running nearly 2 years and I still look like a beetroot image. It's just unfortunate colouring/genes etc I believe. Tends to happen more if you're fair skinned which I most definitely am image

  • Yep red faced  - all my colleagues all know when I have been for a lunchtime run!  But doesn't take too long to disappear on me.

  • Hey - just think of all that lovely oxygen feeding your skin!!! Red is good - good circulation -
  • Maybe all that lovely oxygen will help us keep young looking image
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