New mum need advice on baby joggers!

Hi I had my baby 6 months ago and am now ready to start training again ideally I would like to take little one with me as there isn't always someone to watch her. Who makes a good baby jogger and what am I looking for when purchasing one.


  • Look for the type with absolutely enormous wheels.  The actual branded 'babyjogger' is really fab and you will find that it really is a joy to run with. It practically runs ahead of you and you need the wrist strap to keep it attached or it will disapear off into the distance. We had ours for ages (bought it second hand on ebay) and even used it for long walks with our 6 year old over beach and other hard terrain as it was so easy to push. 

    The one I had didn't fold down much though - it was a few years ago now so technology will have moved on. But I do remeber when i was searching for one that there were a few 3 wheelers that pretended to be suitable for jogging.

    I had this kind of thing - 20" wheels - fantastic. I would be careful of any with smaller wheels.  See if you can find some to try out first but I would hightly recommend this type.

  • Just  had a look on ebay - there are loads that carry the baby jogger brand but if you read the blurb it says 'not intended for jogging'.  I think the 'performance' one from baby jogger looks like the kind you want though.  Not cheap!

  • I got a baby jogger 2 q series about 2 years ago now.  16 inch wheels but can get 20 inch in it too and the q series means it is a compromise between the performance and th city stroller so it folds down really easily and quite small.  Cant recommend it enough.  We paid about £250 then and bought new as resale value is so high second hand ones on ebay werent much cheaper. 
  • Hi - I've got a 2nd hand original Babyjogger (from ebay) with 20" wheels and it's great for running with - both DH and I use it with our 7 month old.  Because it's an older one it doesn't fold down easily but I don't need to put it in the car so this isn't  a problen for us -think the newer models do, though.

    Why not pop into the Mums running  thread to ask other running mums about this - I think there are a few of us with Babyjoggers over there.

  • Thank you all for all your help I will definately take a look at all suggestions I have so been enjoying my running again but without being able to take baby Izzy with it means having to stick with short runs!! And the bug has bitten hard with me wanting to go full steam ahead into training again.......partly to reduce the size of my mummy tummy and partly for the sheer joy at being out there again!!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    This seems a good site for info and price guide (they sponsor Abingdon Mara it seems).  My baby only 3 months but I'm looking ahead for joggers.  Like Sarahbob says, pop onto the mums thread for any advice/info/help, friendly bunch over there.

  • TBH its surprising what you can run with okay. We got a 3-wheeler years ago which was a return from Mothercare. It's pretty heavy, and only has 12 inch wheels, yet I've taken all 4 of our kiddies out in it, up to a pretty hilly 10 miles or so.

    You must make sure it has a fixed front wheel. (I mean, it must go round, obviously, but a lot of 3 wheelers not designed for running have one that will swivel - I wouldn't even trust one which has a locking mechanism).

    Check the height of the handlebars - with the fixed wheel, unless you are just doing a very gentle curve, which you can just do with sideways pressure, you will have to lift the front wheel - my wife finds this difficult as she is quite a bit shorter than me.

     Our local shop let me take a few out for test-drives, though we had built up a pretty good relationship first. I'd be wary of buying one online unless you are sure what you are looking for.

    The other thing to bear in mind is will you be wanting to cart it anywhere in the car. Bigger wheels may make running easier, but then you'll need a bigger boot to tranport it. 

  • I agree with claret re the compromise. I love my BJ with 20" wheels but we don't put it in the car often.  Its a great pure running buggy but not one for folding up in the car very easily.  We tend to just use if from home so its not an issue for us.  But agree that it depends on whether you need to transport it often.
  • I can get my faux baby jogger in my car and I have a mini image

    I used to take my little boy running every week so it wasn't just a one off.

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