its snowing well in mk this morning off to the woods for a run ,.. happy easter and good ploddingimage


  • Happy Easter nog, Have a great run image

    Not much snow in sunny medway image

  • No snow here either, its pishing down
  • sun in nottingham but promising clouds x
  • it snowed earlier in the morning here in london now it's just grey and miserable and it has put me in a lazy stay-wrapped-in-the-blanket mood and i don't want to go out for a runimage ..... any e-kickinthebutt welcome!!! image
  • BB - It is going to be just as cold tomorrow, so might as well go out today *kicks BB up the bot*
  • yes indeed ss and if i waited for weather to get better... well i should cancel all running plans for the next hmm let see...weeks? and i am a runner and runners run right? no excuses no ifs and buts.....

    'now, would it be too uncool to wear a scarf? image' she wondered as she got off the sofa and headed to the wardrobe

  • It was snowing this morning in London, it's all gone now, thoughimage
  • Snow earlier in East Sussex and bliddy shed roof is leaking image
  • Snowed for most of my 20 miler in Essex this morning but now it just looks grey and horrible. Shall be remaining on the sofa now.image
  • well Nicko if you behaved yourself you wouldnt have to sleep in the shed.
  • Interesting run this morn (in Essex too) - thanks to a combination of snow on the outside of my specs and the inside steaming up cos the heat was bouncing off my face I couldn't see more than a few yards for most of the run.  Not pleasant so my intended 15-20 miler ended up being just over 8.6.  Hum ho.

    Unfortunately can't hibernate this afternoon as off to sister's who lives further out in Essex and somewhat off the beaten track so am def hoping for no more snow.

  • Have to make sure BB is nice and comfy M.eldy image
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