pain above knee on both leg

I am a 53 male runner i ve been dianostic a irritable bowel syndrom  3 mounth ago whish has cause a reduction of training . and after  a pain  has apear on both legs just above the knee on both leg.the worth move for me is to climb a stair and any flexion . I ve tried many strech . heat spray . ibrubufen gel'or tablets , I always try to run off road nothing seems to works. IS THERE ANY ONE WHO CAN HELP ME

I am a french living in uk I hope that my texte is clear enough or you can contact me



  • Hi Eric, suggest you try a physio. Get referred through a doctor if you have one. The physio will want to take a full history and assess your knee to diagnose you and start treatment. Sorry but there's no quick answer on-line... it could be many things.
  • thanks Siance will contact one this week ,what do you thing about pilate exercise

    thanks again

  • Pilates is an excellent way of working the core muscles to help with your running. A good instructor is essential. It's not the only way of working the those muscles though.

    Good luck with your knee image

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