Baby Jogger

I would like to get a baby jogger for my 3 month old daughter to be predominantly used on pavements

Can anyone recommend a make/model? Or online retailers/deals


  • I've got a baby jogger 2 q series with 16" wheels.  I did a google search and found someone in Biggar who got it for me (Im in Edinburgh).  Think it came from Kiddisense and was about £250 or so.  Can't recommend it more highly.  Fits in the back of my Peugeot 206 without the wheels coming off and folds down really easily plus is great to run with.  DD is now 2 and a half so there may even be better models now..she is getting heavy to push though ..much easier when they are babies!! 
  • I have a babyjogger 3 with 20" wheels. Its really fab. 3 1/2 years old now.  One of the most heavily used bits of babykit that we got (apart from cot/nappy changing table etc.!)   I really recommending getting a proper running buggy as they are so light.  This one is not easy to fold down, but thats not an issue as it just stays in the house and we use a normal buggy for everyday use.  Its a luxury to have a specific running buggy, I know. But if you can get one, you won't regret it.  Its light as a feather. 
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