lochaber/dunfermline half/edinburgh

whos doing all threeimage


  • Or should that be 'me ' imageimageimage
  • did you run alloa yesterday?
  • ah almost - dunfermline then edinburgh.
  • Two out of three's not bad!  I'm same as Gym, Dunfermline half before Edinburgh.  I don't fancy Lochaber so might go elsewhere for a long run as the training schedules dictate for that weekend.

  • remoh, I didn't run Alloa yesterday as I had run my LSR on saturday, but went down to spectate.

    I had entered and was going to tag a bit on before and after but did that last year and hated it, so decided just to do my long run on Saturday.

  • i didnt do it either decided to do long run. i see baza ran 1.31
  • Yip, after saying he would be glad just to get round! There were some absolutely fantastic times run yesterday, kinda wished I had run it after all image
  • i did see him at inverness but he was full of the cold and he made the right move not to run.  how many times have i heard that one "glad to get round".  lol
  • just got e-mail from baza he ran 1.28 and not 1.31 oops image 
  • well thats one down i was going to say two to go but have added the edinburgh 10k to the listimage.                 
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