Is it really worth it?

I ran 22 miles yesterday, training for the FLM - 3 hours of hell in the snow! I was totally dead for the rest of the day. Today I've been in a daze at work, totally knackered. Is it normal to need 2 days to recover from a long run? My right knee hurts when going up and down the stairs. I'm not exactly excited by the thought of going on another long run on Sunday. Is all this suffering really worth it??


  • I think so
  • suffering is all part of the attraction for me...

    I must suffer more.

    It's my strict scottish upbringing!!

    ...and , yes, suffering aside, it WILL be worth it. You will suffer a lot less on the day for suffering a little now.

    It gets easier though - a few years ago a 20 mile run would knock me for 6 for a week or so, now I recover much more quickly.

  • To recover quicker try taking a recover drink (eg Rego) after your long run and have an extra hour in bed that night.
  • I've just signed up for my first marathon (not til December) and now I'm scared !  Hope I can take the pain and suffering.
  • Definately, yes.   It's a cliche but it's true. 'The hardest part of the marathon is the training'.
  • Definitely yes. You will be the envy of your friends.

    Women will want to be with you. Men will want to be you.

    (erm assuming you are a gent - if not, reverse the above). 

  • lol JB
  • To properly recover from a marathon can take upto 1 day per mile ie 26 days, depending on your previous experience and fitness levels, this is one of the reasons why you slowly increase the mileage then taper two to three weeks before the marathon to allow your body to recover
  • Sadly, RunnersWorld neglects to tell people that running make you tired. It makes you fit, but it also makes you tired.

    But the answer to your question is yes. Of course.

    Good luck.
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    Of course yes,

    I did the Compton 20 saturday, horizontal snow and hail, wind knocking us everywhere but forward, off road, very steep hills, in a word - torturous-, took us 4.45 (ouch) but i loved it.  Sunday and monday I was exhausted, slept in till 12o/clock today and am just beginning to recover. 

    But the answer is still yes. 

  • tino2510tino2510 ✭✭✭

    I would normally say it is well worth it but today I have a definite case of pre marathon demons. I ran my last 20 miler on Sunday and it was hell (snow, rain, wind and sunshine). Now Im doubting if I've trained enough.

    I look forward to training and I normally recover really quickly after long runs but not this time......totally knackered!!!!!

    Is it normal to feel like this 3 weeks before - don't even feel like doing speed work tomorrow. The thought of 8 miles is giving me the shivers. I'm thinking of cycling this week instead - any suggestions?

    On the plus side we will be at one of the worlds best marathons so on a positive'll be well worth it in the end.

     keep going everyone and have good day on the 13th.

    London 2009 Anyone!!!!   

  • I do n't know but suffered about the same and I am now f*cked , so I will be supporting on the 17M mark

     Oh well , sh*t happens image

     London 2009 . Definitely as I have defered

  • What KK said. Without doubt. Yes.
  • I hated all my long runs training through the winter for a previous FLM. They were tiring, painful, lonely, tedious and took a big chunk of time out of my life.

    But on the day - with the crowds and all that painful training behind me  - it was wonderful - I enjoyed every step of it. Definitely worth it.

    I'm doing no more marathons though - I'm sticking to the shorter distances that I can really enjoy.

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