Read any good books lately?



  • I still read Enid Blyton
  • And Winne the Pooh
  • PO, I'm sorry, I've just called you a retarded dickbitch.
  • Will definitely give it a try KK - have seen the book absolutely everywhere...
  • It's ok DM.

    Am retarded so it doesn't really register 

  • TT - your brains have WHAT?

    In my Waterstones shopping bag today:

    Antony Beevor - The Battle for Spain
    Robyn Young - Crusade
    Steven Saylor - Roma
    Joshua Ferris - Then We Came to the End

    All random purchases, just because I had a gift voucher (apart from the Antony Beevor one, which was based on how much I enjoyed 'Stalingrad').

  • I used to be a read-aholic at school, but since then, the only thing I read is work related.

    Reading has become defunct since the formation of Sky Sports.

  • I do enjoy Tolkien - not that his writing is always particularly good, but it's the depth behind what he writes. I respect the fact that he spent a massive chunk of his life creating the world he writes about, and that it was initially to give some sort of history and culture to a language he was making up. Reading Lord of the Rings at age 8 is still one of my proudest achievements.
  • Read it years ago KK - having lived in Pakistan and India, when I came home I found myself reading anything I could lay my hands on that was set in that part of the world. Would deffo not go and see the film - I never see the film of a book I have read - I'd rather keep my own mental imagery rather than have someone else's ideas foisted on me.
  • Don't get the First crusade, so shite i can't remember the writer!

  • I am actually going to buy Cry, the Beloved Country now.

    I loved that book  image

  • TT - history, rather than novel? Is it this one?

    Not that I've read it - I thought I'd just check so I know what to avoid.

    'Persian Fire' was another excellent history book I've read recently - lent it to an ex-forumite and haven't seen it since...

  • IronMin - I'm generally with you on the film v. book debate, although I really enjoy the Lord of the Rings films.

    The relatively recent 'Count of Monte Cristo' must rank as my least favourite adaptation of a book I liked.

  • Thats the one.

    Dull is not the word. I expected fighting, shagging and something on technology. Instead about history between all the head crusaders and how they where sometimes lucky othertimes just killed!

  • Sounds thrilling. I've always loved history (particularly the parts that involve death and destruction) and hate it when an author goes out of their way to make it dull.
  • Timeline by Michael Crighton is another fav of mine
  • I've not read Sky Sports... What is it about? Can you give us a brief synopsis?
  • So many books - so little time.
  • I'm reading Emperor: The Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden (first of a trilogy on the life of Julius Caesar).  I'm enjoying it although I know nothing of the history of the time so have no idea how many liberties he's taking (if any).  It brings the period to life for me (like Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl does for the Tudor period).
  • HL - I enjoy books (and indeed films) like that because they make me want to know more about the period and events protrayed.
  • Have you seen Pearl Harbour? It's a really super film and it's all real. I fink it's wew good.
  • DM - out. Now.
  • Ah well, it reminds me a lot of Gladiator so if that's up your street I can recommend it!  

  • Gladiator was good fun.

    DM - I know enough about WW2 to know that Ben Affleck did not win the Battle of Britain.

  • Or find the enigma code book. F*CKING YANKS was not even in the war then.
  • I refuse to watch U571 on principle.
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