Breakfast Ideas

I like to eat cereal for breakfast as it is my main source of milk. Can anyone recommend a cereal that doesn't leave me hungry 2 hours later. So far I've found Weetabix to be the best - any ideas ?


  • Hi. I've found a yummy muesli - Jordans Organic Crunchy (Raisins & Coconut). I'm not really a muesli person but it's very filling and has sugar (organic of course) in it so it's not too blah!
  • Kellogg's Multigrain Start - can't go wrong. Tastes 'grrrreat' (or is that another one?) and the milk doesn't make it go soggy - bonus. Not available in all supermarkets, I get mine from Sainsburys.
  • Nebula, having a bowl of cereal, even a high-fibre one, is almost guaranteed to leave you hungry mid-morning. Adding something with a bit of fat and protein (boiled/poached egg? kippers? slice of bread with fat-reduced soft cheese?) will make all the difference. Alternatively, make sure you have a healthy mid-morning snack with you.

  • Some weirdo on these boards likes Tuna Pizza for breakfast :D ;)
  • Worse than tuna pizza - one mate of mine used to have mashed banana and tomato ketchup sandwiches. Disgusting.
  • a friend of mine used to have ketchup sandwiches. now thats disgusting!

  • My sister used to eat salami and strawberry jam sandwiches.
  • ok - now that's just plain weird!
  • Strange how it's everyone's "mate", "friend" or "sister", isn't it? I must admit to cold pizza breakfasts occasionally, bolognese being my favourite. Probably not overly healthy, thinking about it!

  • I assure you it is my sister, I hate strawberry jam on its own, never mind with salami.
    I have to admit tho my favourite breakfast is biscuits, preferbly the whole packet. Not very healthy tho.
  • Not healthy, but I could live with that - esp if jammy dodgers. Moving it back onto a more nutritionous level, Jaffa cakes are very good snacks if you're into the biscuit thing - tons of carbs and very low fat. Great running food - but that still leaves the old question of whether they are a cake or a biscuit...
  • Elvis used to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches - fried!

    My breakfast is always the same - porridge made with full fat soya milk. Cup of tea with skimmed cow's milk. Oh yes, and a banana in the porridge. I love this breakfast so much, that it is my favourite meal of the day, and even waking up isn't so bad because I know that eating it is the first thing I'll do that day.
  • Don't think I fancy too many of the above suggestions !!!! particularly anything involving ketchup., but thanks for all your help.

    Will try "Start" and perhaps equip myself with a decent mid-morning snack.
  • Back to the cereals - I swear by Shreddies - definitely more filling than Weetabix. I sometimes add a sliced banana on top.
  • So what's wrong with tuna pizza for breakfast, Gemini? I hasten to add that it's freshly cooked (even if I don't make my own pizza dough) - cold leftover pizza is one step to far even for me. Rubbery cheese - urgh!

    I like to breakfast on other sorts of leftovers, though. Had a big portion of chicken, pasta and veg in spicy tomato sauce this morning, heated up in the microwave at work and eaten straight out of the plastic box. Very low fat, and I didn't need a midmorning snack afterwards.

    In theory, I suppose us big breakfasters should have weensy little evening meals to compensate, but if I try that I wake up hungry in the night.

    Shame, because I love breakfast cereals, especially Shreddies, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, and those granola-type things that were recently pronounced to be as nutritious as chocolate chip cookies (although I eat those like sweeties, without milk). Then someone brought out a cereal which IS chocolate chip cookies. NOT tempted! Also partial to toast and marmalade, nice water-free grilled bacon from a pig that lived a happy life, and beans on toast.

    Less than 12 hours till breakfast. Yippee!
  • Sorry V no-one can convince me that tuna pizza for breakfast is a sane idea.
    I usually have porridge for breakfast, its not my favorite but I go running at lunch time so I need something that will sustain me. At the weekend I tend to have Alpen unless bad people tempt me with fry-ups or croissants (which is actually what I will be having today)
  • I have a slim-fast bar (or eqivelant) with a glass of milk in the morning. Pretty yummy, and when I'm in a rush they're brill.
    Other than that, porridge, if I've got a bit of time.

    Still hungry a couple of hours later....almost time for my snack now actually......
  • My favourite "fill-me-up" breakfasts are also probably really bad for me:
    Bread and Cheese

    In other words, the sort of breakfast you get served in a continental hotel.
  • The blackberry season only finishes at midnight on 30th September when the devil pees on all the blackberries that are still on the bushes.

    So time to pick a few for jam yet.
  • That's the kind of superstitious stuff my mother-in-law comes out with. You're not my mother-in-law are you? :-)
  • And as I discovered, you should also try to avoid picking blackberries that seem easy to reach and growing in what, after a while, appear to be rows...
  • The canal path near me has both hazelnuts and blackberries - wonderful combination. There are loads of blackberries on some of my running routes too, but I don't pick them because they're probably full of lead from the traffic.
  • This might sounds like a right ropey idea - but I fancy that a few maltesers mixed in with my morning porridge would be quite yum. I always make porridge the traditional way - with just water. I just have to pick up the courage to try my idea. I will let you know.......
  • To all you who pick their own blackberries I hope you soak them in salt water first before you use them to get out all the grubs and worms that are inside YUK, it put me off them for life when I saw my mother in law do it, sorry.

    Right breakfast, cant really face much so I just have bananas and a vitamin and a cod liver oil tablet......
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